How to Leverage Email and Mobile Messaging to Elevate Customer Experiences

January 26, 2018 Vibes Marketing

How to Leverage Email and Mobile Messaging to Elevate Customer Experiences

Research shows that both email marketing and mobile messaging can be highly effective in converting contacts into customers. But what happens when you combine the two into one power-packed marketing tool?

Recently, Vibes partnered with Campaign Monitor to present the webinar How to Leverage Email and Mobile Messaging to Elevate Customer Experiences to explore exactly this combination. Ros Hodgekiss, Customer Success Programs Manager at Campaign Monitor, and Mara Miller, Director of Customer Success at Vibes, paired up to tackle this fascinating subject.

The Importance of Personalization

While we’ve been talking a lot about the importance of personalization in mobile marketing here at Vibes for a while, it was reassuring to hear that we hit the nail on the head: 77% of digital natives expect marketing messages to be personalized for them.

And yet, many brands are still missing the mark: 25% of consumers are frustrated when brands don’t recognize them as past or current customers. Clearly there is still opportunity to better personalize what we send to customers.

Both mobile marketing and email marketing provide plenty of opportunity to personalize content in order to drive sales.

Today’s Inbox is Mobile

No longer are consumers only checking their emails on desktop computers. Given that Americans spend on average five hours a day using their mobile phones, it should be no surprise that 50% of them are now opening emails on their smartphones.

There’s benefit to retailers who play to this fact: they can reward customers who are out and about shopping, create a sense of urgency, make purchases more convenient, and drive traffic to physical locations. Email is also a fantastic way to leverage geolocation and other technology to better reach consumers.

How Mobile Can Optimize Your Email Strategy

With certain exciting mobile marketing tools already proving their value, let’s look at how email can enhance what you’re doing to reach consumers via mobile.

Mobile Wallet

More and more, consumers are anticipating special offers and loyalty program rewards via their mobile wallets. There are other interesting capabilities, like event management, that also drive engagement.

Where does email come in? 62% of consumers like to add offers to their mobile wallets from emails. Whenever you have a new promotion or coupon subscribers can add these to their wallets, send them via email and monitor redemption rates through a mobile marketing platform, such as the Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform, compared to other channels.

Sending mobile wallet offers via email creates the unique opportunity to educate consumers using the real estate provided in that email message. This is especially beneficial if your brand is new to offering promotions via mobile wallet and needs to teach your subscribers how to take advantage of the new feature.

Allowing subscribers to add an offer to their wallet is simple: using a customized URL embedded in the email, you can make it easy for consumers to click to save the offer to their personal mobile wallets.

And the best part? Incorporating email with mobile wallet can result in a 5 to 15% lift in revenues.


While you might think that SMS text messages would compete with email marketing, they actually can work hand in hand quite effectively. SMS can, in fact, drive email acquisition. Vibes has seen high engagement with campaigns encouraging SMS subscribers to text their emails to receive email marketing messages.

Remember to offer different promotions and coupons via SMS than you do email or even mobile wallet to give consumers reason to connect with you on every platform.

Connecting to customers via both SMS and email gives brands a holistic view of consumer interest, as well as provides ample ways to give value to the end user.

We at Vibes look forward to finding new ways to partner with email marketing to better engage and convert your customers!


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