How to Make Your Email Campaign Live Beyond the Inbox

April 6, 2018 Vibes Marketing

How to Make Your Email Campaign Live Beyond the Inbox

At Vibes, while we’re obviously big on mobile marketing, we’re also fans of other marketing tactics, such as email, that reinforce the value of mobile while continuing to drive value for consumers. 

Email is just such a channel. Used in tandem with mobile marketing, email is the gift that keeps on giving, both to consumers and to retailers.

Here, get highlights from a recent webinar we held with Campaign Monitor called How to Leverage Email and Mobile Messaging to Elevate Customer Experiences.

The Mobile Inbox is the New Black

If there’s one type of marketing that’s totally in fashion right now, it’s the mobile inbox. You probably check your email on your phone like everyone else. And those emails better be easy to read and click: 70% of consumers delete emails immediately if they aren’t mobile-friendly.

But make those emails mobile-friendly and you open up a whole new world of ways to connect with your audience. Email and mobile services together allow your brand to:

  • Reward customers
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Make purchasing more convenient
  • Drive awareness and traffic to physical stores

Use Email to Drive Mobile Service Adoption

By using email to deliver mobile-specific experiences, you can reach customers and contacts who might not otherwise, for example, sign up for your mobile wallet offers. You can use email as a platform to educate your consumers about the mobile services you offer, including wallet, push, and SMS.

Your customers want to be notified about mobile wallet offers via email: in fact, 62% prefer email as their channel to be notified of new wallet promotions.

To save a mobile wallet offer, all a subscriber needs to do is tap an offer in her inbox, view it in the frame of her phone’s mobile wallet platform, and save the offer. Instantly your brand is in that mobile wallet and will stay there until the user deletes the offer (if she even does).

Even if you don’t use mobile wallet for your brand, email is a great way to get subscribers to sign up for your SMS offers or even geolocation-based push notifications. SMS provides an instant way to reach your audience: people take 90 seconds to respond to a text versus 90 minutes for an email, so consider this an effective way to get your promotions in front of your customers.

Benefits of Email as a Driver of Mobile Activities

While yesterday’s emails just sat in the inbox, today’s are spurring recipients to take action, helping that campaign live outside that inbox. When you optimize your email strategy with mobile, you stay top of mind with your audience.

Leveraging push notifications, you can unobtrusively remind consumers of the offer they’ve saved, lighting a fire for them to redeem it before it expires.

And best of all: these offers are completely measurable at the point of sale, giving you an easy-to-track ROI that makes shareholders happy. Vibes clients have seen a conversion increase of 8% when email and mobile wallet work together, as well as a 5 to 15% incremental lift in revenue.

Examples of Email + Mobile in Action

Rapha, a UK-based bike apparel brand puts mobile first in its email campaigns. After all, its  customer base is on the go! Using large, legible text, noticeable colors, and bold calls to action, Rapha’s mobile email campaigns are designed for high conversion among its mobile audience.

Here’s another example that works the opposite way: a Vibes retail client used SMS to drive email signups. In just 12 months, the campaign drove hundreds of thousands of email address signups.

As you can see, the new mobile email campaign is one that your audience wants to be a part of. When you provide unparalleled value to your customers, they’re happy to connect with you in as many ways as possible.


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