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Webinar: How to Use Mobile Wallet for Your Brand

It can't be overstated how much the digital landscape has changed in retail over the last two years. Certainly, customers have adjusted to contactless delivery and paying with their phones.

Recently we held a webinar that focused on identifying areas of the customer lifecycle that could be improved by adding mobile wallet passes, and how to implement them in a way that enhances the customer flow, not disrupts it.

Here are some highlights, and here you can view the full webinar plus the open Q&A with Vibes Co-Founder and Head of Innovation, Alex Campbell, and Vibes CTO, Brian Garofola.

How Mobile Wallet Solves Customer Pain Points

We've all been that person who stands in line frantically trying to get our email or app open and sort through it to find the offer or loyalty card before we get to the cash register. Yet, somehow, not quite making it and having to apologize to the cashier for holding things up as we finally pull up the offer to have the bar code scanned.

Mobile Wallet is unique in ways that provide your customer with a more convenient, frictionless experience.

Mobile Wallet is automatically on everyone's phone, no extra download required. And since everyone's phone is on them at all times, Mobile Wallet is always accessible and easy to use. 

If your customers don't have to remember to bring something with them on any trip out of the house, they're more likely to redeem their offers at checkout, participate in your loyalty program, and increase their engagement with your brand.

Identifying Mobile Wallet Opportunities That Will Create Value

Do your customers hate waiting in line? Are they not using your loyalty program despite being enrolled? Do they consistently redeem their offers, loyalty points and gift cards? These are just a few pain points that Mobile Wallet can solve for.

When it comes to getting started on activating Mobile Wallet for your business, think about your consumer's mission through the buying process, what the pain points are, and how Mobile Wallet can help that mission and make it easier for the consumer.

The Power Mobile Wallet Drives for Brands

No matter if it’s a loyalty card or an offer, brands that activate Mobile Wallet benefit from the channel in ways that creates a long-lasting relationship with their customers.

  1. Locked into the customer's consideration set. Once a mobile wallet pass is saved to a customer's device it often stays there, giving you an always-on brand presence with those customers in a place that is easy for them to find and access.
  2. Persistent, engaging communication channel. Mobile Wallet gives you the ability to continuously engage customers with lock screen push notifications they'll always see and since the pass itself is completely dynamic, it gives you the power to continuously update individual passes with new, targeted content.
  3. Drives increased customer satisfaction and incremental purchases. The dynamic nature of the mobile wallet pass plus the ability to send timely, relevant reminders keeps your customers aware of actions they need to take, from redeeming outstanding Loyalty points to remembering to make payments on their account before showing up for a scheduled follow-up appointment.
  4. Digital and physical attribution. In the ecommerce world brands have the tools necessary to track shopper activity, purchases, basket size, and other behavior-based data. While Mobile Wallet is one of those tools that can help you track your online attribution, it can also give you physical attribution when the mobile wallet passes are redeemed at checkout.

To learn more about how mobile wallet passes fit into your customer lifecycle, watch the full webinar here.

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