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How Vibes AI-Driven Marketing Enhances Your Customers' Experiences—and What’s Next to Come

Vibes AI-Driven Marketing

The buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) is creating a whirlwind of questions from brands and marketers alike. Most are concerning AI’s business application, its integration with existing technologies, and AI’s genuine ability to change the way we conduct business.

But now that the dust has settled, the capabilities of AI for marketers becomes clear.

Over our rich, 20 year history of mobile marketing expertise, we’ve sought innovation to help people connect with brands they love using mobile. Now, we see in AI an opportunity for you to scale rewarding customer relationships—and make an exhausting chase to connect with your audience, a thing of the past.

Where Brands can Benefit from AI

Gartner, leaders in mobile marketing research, found that in 2019, 81% of marketers expect to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of Customer Experience (CX). The massive shift towards improving customer experiences means that companies who invest in creating frictionless, highly personalized buying journeys, will be first in line to capture revenue.

So how can AI help you personalize experiences, at scale?

What makes AI increasingly powerful is its ability to analyze data, make intelligent connections, and begin predicting the best avenue to reach a specific goal. AI will help you connect your customers to products they want to buy.

However, no matter AI’s ability to produce ideal business outcomes, if you’re lacking robust sets of customer data, AI is useless. Your access and management of data as a resource will help AI take your marketing strategy to the next level—so that’s exactly where we invested.

To build a strong data foundation, we've partnered with industry leader Snowflake to keep your customer data secure and accessible on-demand. On top of this, we've partnered with MicroStrategy to bring you Advanced Analytics reporting to help you paint a clear picture behind the what, when, and who of your audience. Together, they prime you for AI that can be used to scale your growth.

We are happy to announce Vibes AI-Driven Marketing: an approach to AI that combines 20 years of data history and expertise to deliver you higher return on investment.

Here’s what Vibes AI-Driven Marketing can do for you:

Strategically Engage at Scale

Vibes processes billions of mobile messages every month. From the massive amounts of messages we send, we found that consumers like to reply. In responses like, “I love this!,” “where can I find more?,” or “can I place a different order?” are deep insights about what customers want from brands, how they feel relative to a brand message, and specific details about products, offers, or updates. Many of these customer responses go unanswered, but they don’t have to anymore.

Where Vibes AI-Driven Marketing makes its debut is in Conversational Analytics: a natural language processing (NLP) technology to make sense of what your audience is saying to you—and help you improve personalization and targeting, identify information your audience is looking for, and elicit meaningful brand conversations.

Here are the consumer insights Conversational Analytics can pull from your audience responses:

  • Sentiment: Conversational Analytics identifies words conveying emotion. For example, a text response from your subscriber saying: “Thanks! I love these!” can help you understand what campaigns resonate with customers and serve you best moving forward.
  • Topic Modeling: Topics are the result of examining the content of text messages to determine common themes. For example, you can find clusters of words around the topic of Entertainment, indicating that your audience is interested in more visual content; helping you strategize for a possible MMS broadcast campaign.
  • Entities: An entity is a reference to real-world objects such as people, places, and products, alongside precise references to dates and quantities. This can help you identify specific products that your customers are inquiring about and where you can send relevant, supporting content.
  • Key Phrases: Identifying key phrases lets you understand the context of responses. Most phrases have an article ("a"), an adjective ("great"), and a noun ("selection"). From the customer response, “you have a great selection,” you can craft automated replies to link to an additional webpage or even a preference center to collect an even wider range of data.

What’s Next for AI-Driven Marketing

So what’s coming next? As we pick up speed on implementing AI, our focus remains on scaling 1:1 customer relationships as efficiently as possible. We want to use AI to make difficult decisions about how to interact with your customers, easy.

Here are some of the questions we’re helping brands answer using AI-Driven Marketing:

Broadcast Optimization

  • What will my click-through rate be for this broadcast?
  • How does different content impact the predicted click-through rate?
  • What impact will changing the time-of-day have?

Automated Segmentation

  • How can I send more personalized content to my customers?
  • Are there niche segments hidden in my audience?
  • How can I generate the next best offer for my customers?

Want to learn more about AI-Driven Marketing? Start personalizing your brand messages with Conversational Analytics here.

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A member of the Product Marketing team at Vibes, Andres De La Rosa works to share growth-enabling insights with those recognizing mobile potential. He is dedicated to bringing others a clear perspective on evolving mobile benefits.

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