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How Vibes Fosters Meaningful Connections Beyond the Workspace

Though Vibes' mission serves to empower today’s marketer to harness the power of mobile, our ability to foster meaningful connections that inspire action draws significant influence from our core values. Whether it be with our customers or within the community, there’s no better way to share our valued roots than through service. Here’s a look at our Vibes peeps in action. 

Vibes Gives Back 

Every year, in partnership with Chicago Cares, Vibes peeps participate in our annual company-wide Volunteer Day as part of our continuous commitment to deepen our impact within the community and share new service experiences together. But it doesn’t stop there.  

Vibes peeps building benches at Volunteer Day in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood of Chicago. 

Recently, a few of our peeps participated in the Annual Home Depot Foundation Volunteer Event. The Home Depot Foundation works with a strong network of nonprofit organizations to deliver relief to those who need it most, specifically for veterans and those who are recovering from natural disasters. 

The hardworking team of Home Depot Foundation Event volunteers.  

In partnership with the New England Center and Home for Veterans (NECHV) and Bedford Green, Home Depot, Vibes, and other partners updated housing and recreational spaces with new amenities for veterans and their families. As a result of participation donations, the event raised more than $2.4 million! 

Making a Difference Matters  

Giving back in the form of service not only puts our core values into action, it also provides an opportunity for Vibes to share our core values with the community. By teaming up with organizations that share similar values as our own, we find our impact even more powerful.  

Vibes’ Senior Director of Customer Success, Brittany Carter, mentions, “Each year, I look forward to participating in the Home Depot Foundation Volunteer project! I’m always truly amazed, very proud, and overcome with emotion at the large impact Home Depot and our volunteer groups make for Veterans in just one day!”  

It doesn’t take a whole lot to make a difference, but it truly does matter. While we are entirely committed to positively influencing our customers’ business, we also seek to have a positive impact on our community.  

The Infamous Six 

So what exactly are these core values we keep mentioning? Let’s take a look. 

1. Respect, honesty and integrity for all stakeholders

We’re committed to building and nurturing strong, positive relationships with our customers, employees, and partners.  

2. Relentless focus on the customer

Helping our customers achieve exceptional results is central to everything we do and every decision we make. 

3. Create value 

We are wholly committed to having an ongoing, positive impact on our customers’ business and within our community. 

4. Never be satisfied 

We continuously push ourselves to be better in every way to ensure our ongoing success. 

5. Always learning 

Our insatiable curiosity and thirst for answers fuel our continuous commitment to learning, growing, and improving. 

6. Seek accountability and ownership

Each individual at Vibes is encourages to fulfill their potential, lead by example, and strive for personal excellence. 

The Foundation of Our Culture 

At the heart of every organization is a culture cultivated by its people. Our six core values serve as a reoccurring reminder for our employees to find inspiration for their work, foster meaningful and successful relationships, and make a positive impact.  

The most crucial aspect of our success involves empowering and encouraging our employees to understand that knowledge is essential. In order to focus on our customer’s and community’s success, we must first seek to educate and extend the personal knowledge of our very own. Only then are we able to focus on the success of others.  

Though indeed our mission gives our organization purpose, our six core values are what inspire everything we do. With every peep putting our core values into action, our employees exemplify the most important building blocks of our organization. And that’s what makes Vibes so unique.  

About the Author

Hanna Lee is a Marketing Intern at Vibes, located in San Francisco. She seeks to discover how marketing trends are brought to life in the digital world while also providing fresh insights that spark explorative and innovative natures in others.

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