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Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Mobile Marketing

Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Mobile Marketing

While you care about getting maximum conversion for a given marketing campaign, you should also care about the bigger picture. Looking at customer lifetime value — the amount of revenue a single customer will generate throughout her life with your brand — can help you better shape your marketing strategy for the long haul. 

Mobile is certainly a part of the arsenal of tools you should be using to increase that customer lifetime value (CLV). Here’s how to use it to continually keep customers engaged and buying. 

Make Redeeming Offers Easy and Convenient 

Remember the days when you had to print a coupon and take it to a store to redeem? Okay, those days aren’t completely over, but brands that leverage mobile coupons — through text or mobile wallet — have changed the expectations of consumers when it comes to offer redemption. 

If a shopper has to puzzle through how to redeem an offer, or if it takes more than a few taps of her finger, you’ll lose her. Instead, send a QR code via SMS or MMS that the cashier can scan at checkout, or a code she can input to help the customer save money.  

For mobile wallet subscribers, send a push notification offer that, once tapped, will be added automatically to her wallet and applied at checkout. The simpler it is, the greater the redemption rate you’ll see. 

Continually Personalize Your Mobile Offers 

The great thing about a long relationship with a customer is that you have more time to get to know him. The better you know him, the more customized you can make the offers and promotions you send. The more customized those offers, the higher the redemption! 

Customers often feel like one of the crowd when it comes to a global retail brand. Even if you have millions of customers, it’s your responsibility to make each one feel like your best and only customer. You do that by personalizing the content, offers, and communications you send. 

You have the data to know that this customer clicked on all the Buy One Get One Free offers you’ve sent over the last year, but none of the percent off promotions. What does that tell you? If you want him to keep buying from you, send him more BOGOs. You have each customers’ buying history, so you can personalize the emails you send to suggest products that complement past purchases. 

Keep Customers On Their Toes With Mobile Gamification 

Every relationship gets a little stagnant over time, so you need to inject fresh energy into your customer relationships with a bit of fun. Mobile gamification is an excellent way to get existing customers excited about your brand again. 

You could launch a holiday game that requires subscribers to open your app every day for more chances to win prizes. Or send push notifications telling customers how many more visits they need to make to your restaurant before they score a free meal. Have shoppers check into your store to get freebies. Use augmented reality to let shoppers take a photo with your virtual dressing room and upload to share with friends. There’s no end to ways you can gamify your mobile content to keep customers interested in your brand. 

Stay in Touch After the Sale 

Another key element to extending that customer lifetime value is your post-purchase communication. Sure, maybe you sent text messages to keep a customer up to date on the status of her order...but what then? If you have her permission to send emails, this is a lucrative channel to drive repeat sales with this customer. 

But don’t just send generic “20% off!” emails. Personalize them. If she’s purchased something that needs frequent replacement (like contact lenses or paper towels), send a reminder email: “Running low on your [purchase]? Click here to reorder instantly AND save 15%!” 

Send her a birthday email and offer. Send a “we miss you” message. Use every opportunity you have with the data you’ve collected to send her highly-personalized and relevant offers and communications. 

As a marketer, you can’t just focus on today; you’ve got to constantly be looking toward tomorrow and beyond. Make sure your mobile marketing strategy is built to nurture customer relationships long-term.