Increase Customer Loyalty with These 6 Simple Mobile Strategies

July 13, 2017 Vibes

As we move away from plastic loyalty cards in favor of mobile ones, mobile devices have become the centerpiece for brands’ loyalty efforts. Here, get six easy tips to connect with your customers through their mobile devices and get them coming back to buy from you again and again.

  1. HAVE a Mobile Strategy

The first and foremost suggestion is to have a mobile strategy! Rather than trying different mobile marketing tactics without an overarching objective, map out what you’re looking to accomplish and how you’ll get there. Certainly, this strategy will change over time as technology and consumer tastes evolve, but consider your mobile strategy as a roadmap to your success.

Your mobile strategy should connect to the marketing you’re doing elsewhere online. For example: you can encourage people to sign up for your push notifications on social media, or announce that you’re a part of a certain mobile wallet via email to encourage people to look for your offers there.

  1. Take Advantage of Being in the Wallet

Mobile wallets are by far the simplest tools to use to reach your customers. Once they have saved an offer to their digital wallets, you are in there until they delete the offer. This provides a huge opportunity to continue to update your offers and get in front of mobile wallet users, so take advantage of it!

Be proactive in enticing people to use your digital offers. For example, if someone saves your offer but hasn’t used it by the time it nearly expires, you can increase the discount to encourage them to take advantage of it before the expiration date.

  1. Target Your Offers

The thing that’s so wonderful about today’s marketing technology is how granular you can get in understanding your audience. You don’t need to send blanket offers via mobile; instead, use your customer data to customize offers.

For someone who has made a purchase but hasn’t been back in months, send a “we miss you” 25% off promotion. For someone who uses her loyalty card a lot, offer her triple points for purchases made on one particular day. By targeting the offers to specific actions groups of customers take, you can increase your ROI drastically.

  1. Reach Them When They’re Close

Geotargeting is one of the best ways to drive mobile loyalty. For anyone who allows your push notifications, you can instantly ping them when they’re within geographic range of your store or restaurant. When better to put an appealing offer in front of them?

Consider timing too. If you have a restaurant, you could offer early happy hour starting at 3 pm, or discount coffee in the afternoon. This is a great strategy for bringing traffic in during slower periods of the day.

  1. Don’t Overdo Push Notifications

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. You don’t want your audience to unsubscribe from your notifications, so make sure you’re not sending too many (the next tip will address how many is too many). Test out frequency, and once you pass the threshold of the maximum people redeeming an offer, you’re sending them too frequently.

  1. Pay Attention to Results

Measure, measure, measure. The data is there, ready to help you make informed decisions about your next mobile marketing campaign. You can see which offers are getting redeemed, and which aren’t. Focus on the former and eliminate the latter.

Pay attention to when people opt out of your push notifications. Maybe one a day is causing a ton of people to opt out; lessen the frequency until they stick with you.

Constantly measure results and make changes to increase success, but do give each campaign time to work. Change only one thing at a time (offer, frequency, length of promotion) so you can determine which component has the biggest impact on results.

Be flexible with your mobile strategy. As consumers become more embracing of using their devices to find great deals, you’ll need to come up with innovative ways to capture their attention.


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