Introducing the New Vibes Look

April 1, 2021 Jack Philbin


In 1998, Alex and I had a vision for creating conversations and cutting through the clutter of traditional one-way broadcast marketing channels.  We wanted to enable a dialogue wherever the consumer was. More and more people were getting cell phones and messaging was introduced as one of the first mobile capabilities beyond voice.  


The instantaneous nature of messaging was a powerful prospect for the future; the ability for consumers to immediately respond and engage. From our first messaging tests with trivia and contests, it was clear consumers had an insatiable demand for interaction; this is where consumers wanted to be. That vision hasn’t wavered, but the level of sophistication in 2021 has evolved as consumers have become more mobile-centric. 


We at Vibes are proud to be a pioneer in mobile messaging, helping global brands fill a critical void by building personal connections with consumers on their most trusted mobile devices. Our customers are realizing the true value of mobile engagement with Vibes’ unique combination of native multichannel mobile messaging, intelligent and interactive experience automation, rich audience and performance insights and analytics, embedded compliance governance, and unrivaled global messaging performance. 


The reason that this is the perfect time for us to launch our updated brand identity and positioning is that enterprise brands are accelerating their adoption of mobile use cases as fast as our technology has evolved.  Brands are responding to consumers desires to connect with businesses via new mobile technologies more than ever - just as they have with family and friends for years.  Messaging is their number one communication channel.  Their mobile wallet is now a persistent lifestyle component, from commerce to travel to healthcare.  They want more automation from their mobile apps.  Thus, our point of view is that mobile is not a channel; it’s an extremely high-performance marketing and loyalty strategy for brands.   


What’s driving our recent growth is that brands of all industries realize the value and impact of how we drive interactive consumer engagement through highly intelligent automation from a single platform.  Marketers don’t need another point tool. They need scale and optionality.  In messaging especiallycompliance and consumer privacy are non-negotiable.   Marketers need simplicity and power, as they strive for consistent engagement across the customer journey.  Our customers have found that mobile is the great optimizer of digital marketing and we continue to innovate how we extend into that ecosystem with relative ease. 


Introducing the New Vibes Look 


The new company branding is built to stand out in a crowd while remaining true to the vibrant spirit and focused mission of Vibes. The dual messaging icon reflects the highly interactive and intelligent mobile engagement our SaaS platform powers at scale for brands around the world. From the new logo, Vibes is synonymous with the principles of Engagement, Personalization, Loyalty, and Interaction that are at the heart of a consumer’s brand decisions. 


Our innovative Saas platform activates the consumer digital lifecycle through audience and experience management, data and ecosystem integrations, as well as analytics and insights capabilities.  This modern and transformational approach to truly activating direct-to-consumer digital engagement is what we want our brand to represent and we hope you are as inspired as we are. 


Will the Vibes rebrand impact customers?   


Not at all. Our look may have changed, but our commitment to delivering platform innovation and optimized performance and dedicated service that creates maximum value for our customers' businesses remains the same.  


We only hope that our customers feel a shared pride in the evolution of the Vibes brand and how they’ve helped inspire it through their commitment to building more personal consumer relationships and delivering memorable, interactive mobile experiences.    


Come Explore 


A new normal is upon us, one with mobile at the forefront of our daily lives. As a company, we are energized to lead brands through this new phase of mobile and help them realize the value of building and nurturing personal consumer relationships with intelligent mobile engagement. 


I invite you to explore our updated website and schedule a demo to see how Vibes can help you activate mobile engagement to solve your most pressing challenges - connecting with your consumers in meaningful new ways. 

About the Author

Jack Philbin

Jack Philbin is Vibes’ co-founder and CEO. With over 20 years in mobile, Jack is one of the industry’s premier thought leaders and currently spearheads Vibes' strategic direction as the leading provider of mobile engagement technology.

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