It's 2018, So Why Are You Not Making Mobile Experiences Your Priority

May 11, 2018 Vibes Marketing

Make Mobile Experiences Your Priority

Never have humans relied on anything as much as they do their mobile devices. Right now, in the US, mobile users spend over four hours a day on their phones. They’re forsaking traditional desktop computers, laptops, and televisions to consume media and interact with brands on a 6”x3” piece of metal and plastic.

Make Mobile Experiences Your Priority

Most brands have awoken to this new reality. They’re leveraging mobile marketing as a means to remain relevant to their customers, as well as to attract new ones. And this isn’t just a flash in the pan: tools like mobile wallet, push notifications, and SMS marketing messages have proven return on investment over and over again.

So the question is...why aren’t you putting more focus on mobile marketing for your business?


What You THINK Mobile Marketing Requires

Maybe you think mobile marketing costs more than you can afford. Maybe you assume it means having a costly mobile app developed for your brand.

Maybe you assume that you need a savvy team of mobile marketing specialists within your marketing department...and simply don’t have the bandwidth.

Maybe you don’t want to take the time to deal with what you assume will be a steep learning curve.


What Mobile Marketing ACTUALLY Requires

Once upon a time, it seemed like every brand was developing a mobile app, but we’ve come a long way since then. Most businesses don’t even need an app, and can significantly boost revenues and engagement through other means.

While it’s good to have a team member who understands at least the basics of mobile marketing, it’s not overly complicated and doesn’t require all hands on deck (especially if you work with a reliable mobile marketing partner like Vibes who can hold your hand throughout the process).

And — again, with the right partner — that learning curve is a lot less steep than you’d imagine. It took you longer to figure out your new universal remote than it will to get started with mobile marketing!


Why You Can’t Ignore Mobile Experiences

Consumers today want to interact with a brand in meaningful ways, not be advertised to. While we see advertisers struggling with how to better engage consumers, mobile marketers aren’t having that same problem.

By creating highly-relevant offers and interactions, brands are seeing high redemption rates. The brands that Vibes has worked with that have created game and contest campaigns (like RedBox’s Days of Deals Campaign) have created innovative opportunities to launch fun experiences that stick with subscribers.

For brands that leverage geolocation, they’re also creating a value to their audience: when a shopper gets a significant coupon sent via push notification, she may go out of her way to redeem it, and be eager to get more offers from that brand.


Conclusion (And a Caveat)

Now, while mobile marketing is a lot more affordable and easy to use than you might think, that’s not to say it’s a “one and done” situation. (Really, what marketing strategy is??) Mobile marketing requires paying attention to results, trying different approaches, and aligning your offers with what your customers value the most.

You may miss the mark occasionally. But rather than tossing your hands up and deciding mobile doesn’t work, look at what the data tells you and try again. Like anything, you will have to tweak your approach to personalize it for your specific audience.

If you’re waiting to see if this whole “mobile marketing thing” is just a fad, you’re wasting valuable time you could be increasing revenues. Why not reallocate part of your 2018 marketing budget to mobile marketing and see if it can deliver all that it’s promised?

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