Kwik Trip's 3 Groundbreaking Mobile Strategies

December 4, 2018 Vibes Marketing

When it comes to convenience stores, mobile marketing is the ideal vehicle for reward programs to convert customers and build lifetime loyalty. Why? Let's take a look.

We sat down with Kwik Trip’s Digital Marketing and Loyalty Leader, David Jackson, and our Co-founder & CIO, Alex Campbell to discuss how Kwik Trip’s Top 3 Mobile Engagement Strategies helped them achieve their goals of: 

  • Acquiring new loyalty members
  • Promoting new products and services
  • Generating positive ROI for their mobile loyalty program

Here are those strategies:

Step 1: Make Enrollment in a Mobile Loyalty Program Convenient & Accessible 

Kwik Trip realized they needed to meet their customers where they are. By providing more channels of communication they were able to offer more ways to enroll for their mobile loyalty program and convert more loyalty members.

Customers can subscribe in-store, on their website, or through the brand’s app to get push, text, and wallet notifications for the loyalty program. Once subscribed for the loyalty program, customers can then conveniently save their loyalty card in their mobile wallet without having to keep the app while still receiving notifications.

Kwik Trip also saw an opportunity to integrate other channels such as Facebook Messenger to communicate with their customers. Using a chatbot through Facebook Messenger, the brand offered Kwik rewards and addressed common customer questions to continue building on loyalty enrollments.

Step 2: Create Irresistible Mobile Messaging Offers 

An additional way to deliver offers is through push notifications.

Through trial and error, Kwik Trip learned that more detailed, longer push notifications weren’t as effective at driving conversions compared to shorter, to-the-point messages. These messages allowed users to click to the app or mobile wallet for more information making it highly effective at creating immediate results.

MMS is another mobile messaging tool that Kwik Trip found valuable. Using images in conjunction with special offers lets the brand deliver enticing, visual messages that strike the consumers attention. One MMS campaign that Kwik Trip launched saw a shockingly high 88% redemption rate!

Step 3: Customize Mobile Engagement 

Kwik Trip’s third mobile strategy was to engage their fans through mobile moments that rewarded participation. Through this strategy their goal is to entice their fans with value to drive customer retention.

To achieve this, Kwik Trip partnered with Vibes to create a Spin-to-Win game that entertained and most importantly, engaged consumers. Kwik Trip innovatively utilized mobile wallet to deliver coupons that were won within the game while additionally giving them the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes contest.

The results? The brand saw an increase from 30% to 42% of digital loyalty cards downloaded onto mobile wallet and a 19% clickthrough rate from 12%. And even more impressive, a whopping 86% of user participation in the sweepstakes experience. 

With the help from Vibes , Kwik Trip continues to offer relevant promotions and valuable deals to its audience using an effective mobile engagement strategy. Now that you have access to these 3 mobile engagement strategies and have seen the results, how are you going to implement or enhance your mobile strategy?

You can find your copy of the webinar here: Kwik Trip's Top 3 Mobile Engagement Strategies

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