Mobile Marketing Myth: You Need a Mobile App

December 27, 2018 Vibes Marketing

Mobile Marketing Myth: You Need a Mobile App

Based on what you’ve heard, you may believe that the best way to reach your customers is through the creation of a mobile app. This may stress you out because you don’t have the budget to create an app, and you don’t have a clue what your app should do. 

Vibes has decades of experience in the mobile marketing space, and we can confidently say that this simply isn’t true. There are other ways — that are much more cost-effective — that you use to connect with and engage your audience. 

The Problem with Having a Mobile App 

Take a moment and add up how many apps you have on your phone right now. The average person has 60-90 apps installed, though spends 70% of her time using just three of those apps. From a business perspective, you should sweat at the prospect of going to the trouble and expense of designing a mobile app that doesn’t get used regularly. 

With fierce competition in mobile app stores, it becomes a challenge to engage app users regularly. If you charge for your app, you will need to invest heavily in marketing it.  

If your goal is simply to engage consumers and get them to buy from you, a mobile app isn’t the only — or best — avenue to do so. Here are three solutions better equipped to help you reach your goals. 

Text Message Marketing Provides Instant Value on a Platform Mobile Users are On 

Think about it: SMS existed long before mobile apps. We’ve come a long way since the days of pressing one button repeatedly to get to the desired letter to text. Today’s SMS and MMS messages are tech-savvy and full of mobile marketing potential. 

And because every phone, regardless of whether it’s smart or not, is equipped with SMS capabilities, you have the potential to reach far more people than would ever download your app. 

Text message marketing allows you to provide instantly-redeemable offers to subscribers, even customizing the promotions they receive based on their interests or shopping history. They can unsubscribe by simply responding “Stop,” which puts them in control of whether or not they receive your messages. 

You can enhance text messages with MMS, leveraging emojis, GIFS, photos, and videos to engage your audience. 

Mobile Wallet Becomes Indispensable When You Create Valuable Offers 

Another tool that beats out the mobile app is the mobile wallet. Not only is it being used for digital payment (27% of Americans have used it in the last three months) but brands are also finding mobile wallet to be a great way to get offers and promotions in front of their audience. 

Once a user adds your offer to her mobile wallet, you can continue to update the offer with newer and more relevant promotions. Because the wallet has so many functions: payment, digital loyalty, and promotions, shoppers are sure to find more value in them than a mobile app with limited functionality. 

Push Notifications Aren’t Limited to Mobile Apps 

While push notifications can be connected to a mobile app to alert users of new game levels, special offers, or enhanced features, they can also be used with mobile apps. Notifications can compel people to add an offer to their wallet, redeem it online instantly, or get updates on a ticket they’ve purchased and added to their mobile wallet. 

Interestingly: 51% of mobile users act after receiving a push notification...and 22% aren’t opening a mobile app to take action, proving the fact that you can leverage push notifications without having an app. 

Is having a mobile app a waste of time and money? Not necessarily. But think twice before you invest. Know what you’re trying to achieve, and which channels your customers prefer before moving forward. You likely can get the same — if not better — results through other methods.

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