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Mobile Takes the Headache Out of Car Dealerships

Mobile messaging and Mobile Wallet give the opportunity to connect in a direct, personal way with consumers who prefer mobile as their method of contact.

Buying a car can be one of the most stressful decisions a consumer makes. When surveyed, most said buying a vehicle was more stressful than getting married or going on a first date. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some pretty interesting first dates, so this came as a surprise to me. This also explains why consumers spend significant energy doing their car research online before making their way to the dealership. In fact, 46% of consumers looking for a car use multiple devices during the process. And you can bet there’s one device that they are likely to use: their phone.  

To reduce some of the stress, car dealers can reach shoppers searching for specific offers and promotions, or loyal customers in need of a regular car maintenance, on their phones through mobile messaging and mobile wallet. These are effective communication tools that auto dealers can tap into to communicate with new and existing customers in innovative ways, compelling them to engage with the brand in a hassle-free manner.

Reach New Prospects in the Research Stage

A lot of research goes into a purchase decision when consumers shop for cars. Most shoppers want to be as informed as possible before they start visiting dealerships and taking test drives. And using their phones to search online is the first place consumers turn to when looking for information quickly.

As prospective buyers gather and look to save information, dealers can utilize mobile wallet to aide this process, allowing them to note facts like vehicle features, pricing or details about the dealership. With mobile wallet, dealers can make real-time updates to any pass so shoppers will always have the most up-to-date information on their path to purchase. When paired with other mobile strategies such as an MMS text, auto brands can showcase their offerings beyond a plain text or email. 

Provide Relevant Offers and Information

Direct mail and email promotions often go unread and end up in the trash. However, many consumers rely on special offers as a final incentive to make a purchase. Compared to just 20% of emails, SMS open rates are 98%, proving a more effective channel for promotions.

What’s more, sending promotions via mobile messages or mobile wallet conveniently saves it to a consumer’s phone. That way, no matter how long their journey to purchase might be, consumers are able to access the offer at any time. Whether a new or returning customer, the next time a buyer thinks of the brand, they’ll have a trove of useful information on hand.

Build Loyalty with Timely, Convenient Messages

Mobile wallet is an evergreen channel that makes it easier than ever for brands to remain top of mind with customers. The more relevant the message, the more a brand can motivate customers to make a purchase and further engage, improving lifetime value.

After an initial purchase, dealers must work to further foster brand loyalty, as customers return for regular maintenance. In fact, connectivity services and feature upgrades are expected to expand automotive revenue pools by about 30%, adding up to $1.5 trillion by 2030. Dealers that focus only on acquiring new customers will miss out on a profitable market.

To serve these customers, mobile wallet aggregates data that helps send messages in the most relevant way and at the right time. Whether sending a service appointment reminder or a notification about a dealership event, demographic and behavioral data helps deliver these messages to the right person at the optimal time.

Create New Levels of Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

The last thing stressed shoppers want is to bargain with a salesman or to be bombarded with countless direct mail. Mobile messaging and mobile wallet give brands the opportunity to connect in a direct, personal and creative way with consumers who – now more than ever – prefer mobile as their method of contact. This not only creates a more pleasant car shopping experience, but also a new channel for brands to communicate with loyal and prospective customers.

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