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Must-Have Push Notification Strategies for Your Mobile Marketing

The fact that 56% of consumers allow push notifications may cause you to assume that reaching them through that mobile channel would be a breeze.

Not so.

Just like with any other marketing channel, push notifications are starting to become crowded as one app’s updates compete with another. How can you not only stand out with yours but even get subscribers to take action on the offer or announcement that you push?

Here are a few push notifications strategies that we’ve seen work with Vibes clients.

  1. Get People to Perform a Specific Task

The more direct your push notification’s call to action, the best the conversion. Rather than simply making a notification a reminder of your game or sale, tell subscribers exactly what they can do by tapping the notification:

Tap to get an extra life, today only!

Click to save an extra 25% on what’s in your shopping cart

People need to be led to what you want them to do, and push notifications are a great platform to do just that.

  1. Make the News Time-Sensitive

You can bet subscribers will check their phones within hours — if not seconds — of hearing your notification’s ping. They’re already geared for in-the-moment, so leverage that sense of urgency by setting a deadline for the promotion.

Clock’s ticking on our Black Friday sale. You have 3 hours to save up to 70%.

WARNING: At midnight, your personalized offer expires. Don’t miss out!

People have an innate desire to not miss out on something that seems urgent, so simply by using time-sensitive copy, you can drive conversions.

  1. Make the Offers Personal

It’s human nature to feel special when people listen to us. The same goes for our technology. That’s why the rise of personalization in marketing has been met with such success. Leverage this fact in your push notifications.

Congrats on reaching level 99! What does level 100 hold? Find out now.

Ooh! Six people just checked out your profile. Who are they?

Create just enough curiosity that subscribers can’t help but open your app to learn more.

  1. Create Exclusive Offers to Build Relationships

If you offer the same exact promotions via push as you do on social media and email, what’s the incentive for someone to get those notifications? None. Instead, use push to create a VIP club. Your offers should be better than they are anywhere else.

You’re in the Mobile Club! Here’s your 30% off coupon. Redeem now!

Want a sneak peek at tomorrow’s mega sale? Here it is…for your eyes only.

  1. Make Location-Centric Offers

Because consumers spend so much time on their phones when they’re away from home, you as a brick-and-mortar retailer can benefit hugely. A well-timed push notification delivered when a shopper is in the vicinity of your business could bring you a sale you wouldn’t otherwise have gotten.

Doing a little shopping today? Stop by for a free coffee to keep you going.

While you’re out, don’t forget the milk! It’s BOGO with this offer.

  1. Keep the Messages Short for Better Clickthrough

This is less a mobile marketing campaign idea than just common sense. The shorter your push notification, the easier it is for someone to read all or most of it from their lock screen. From there, they can decide if they want to open it to learn more or redeem your offer.

The maximum push message that will display on an Apple device is 256 characters, and 80 for display on the lock screen. For Android, there’s no limit, but going short is still recommended.

Everything on sale up to 80%! Start shopping now.

Here’s a match for you! Send him a message ASAP.

Putting a little care into the content of your push notifications can help you drive conversions and see better ROI.