New 2016 Mobile Wallet Guide

January 10, 2016 Vibes News

Vibes created the 2016 Mobile Wallet Guide to help inform marketers how to benefit from using this powerful mobile tool. The report provides data from consumers and some insights from our Vibes experts.

“Both Apple Wallet & Android Pay cards can be delivered through the same channels, like email, SMS, ads and mobile web. They boast clean, user-friendly layouts and organize offers and loyalty cards right alongside consumers’ saved credit cards. Perhaps most importantly for marketers, both mobile wallets can be dynamically updated once they’ve been saved – and feature native location and notification functionality.”

Want more info from the 2016 Mobile Wallet Guide? Download this guide to mobile wallet marketing and explore creative ways to activate mobile wallet as part of your brand’s marketing mix.

Leverage this tool as your go-to mobile wallet reference guide for:

  • Live, in-market mobile wallet use cases from leading brands
  • Mobile wallet data outlining key consumer trends and preferences
  • Industry benchmarks and ROI data gleaned from 6,000+ mobile wallet programs


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2016 Mobile Consumer Report
2016 Mobile Consumer Report

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