Now You Can Create Mobile Campaigns Directly in Your Marketo Platform

July 20, 2017 Vibes

If you’re like many marketers, you’re finding it harder and harder to capture your contacts’ attention via email. Challenges in increasing or maintaining open and clickthrough rates, as well as conversion rates, can be frustrating, and with more emails pouring into a subscriber’s inbox, it can be hard to be seen above the fray.

That’s why mobile marketing is really shining right now. With a variety of tactics that help marketers engage consumers and drive sales, there are many reasons to incorporate mobile into your overall marketing strategy.

Consumers who are on the go are likely to see and respond to an offer sent as a push notification on their phones. You can accurately track the efficacy of a given promotion, and continue to update mobile wallet offers to keep enticing mobile users to shop with you. Right now, mobile marketing is in its sweet spot.

Announcing The Perfect Partnership

We at Vibes have been working to help our clients connect with consumers via mobile for years, and are excited to announce a new way we can better serve you. We recently partnered with Marketo to give you even more ways to connect with consumers via mobile.

This marketing automation powerhouse provides a robust platform to allow marketers to connect with consumers on multiple channels, while providing rich data and insights on campaign results. Rather than having separate systems for email, social media, advertising, and now mobile, you can manage campaigns across all platforms from one system.

Vibes has integrated with Marketo’s database to offer seamless delivery of SMS messages to engage mobile consumers. So if you already have a database of customers that you market to with Marketo you can now connect The Vibes Platform to that database for seamless marketing.

How It Works

If you have a mobile number for your contacts, you can now leverage mobile engagement features directly in Marketo. You can create lists based on behaviors, such as subscribing to your mobile updates, downloading your app, or making a purchase.

Once you have your segmented lists, you can send triggered messages to your contacts. You can even customize each SMS with a Marketo token, such as first name. You can set up constraints for who receives the offer, such as only people who have redeemed other offers within the last month, or maybe who haven’t opened your app in several days. Include an offer, link, and compliance message, and you’re off to the races.

Once your promotion is sent, the resulting data is relayed to The Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform for tracking, feedback, and performance measurement. You can see in real time who is redeeming your offers, which offers are the most popular, and who is clicking links from your SMS messages.

Pretty exciting stuff, right?

The Feeling is Mutual

While we’re thrilled to be working with such an amazing leader in the marketing automation space, we’re proud that Marketo seems to feel the same way. Vibes was named Marketo’s Technology Partner of the Year for 2017! This award showcases our partnership with Marketo and the successful relationship we have created for mobile consumers. We’re honored to have received such recognition, and hope it sets the tone for the future of our partnership with Marketo.

Integrating with Marketo is just one more way that we’re working to serve our clients by staying tapped into technology and making it easier to connect with customers via mobile.


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