Part 3 of D2C: How to Segment Your Mobile Users

March 7, 2019 Vibes Marketing

Part 3: How to Segment Your Mobile Users

In the last article in this series, you learned how to harvest all the mobile analytics and data you’ve collected to improve the customer experience for your direct-to-consumer brand. Now let’s take that data even further to segment your mobile subscriber base to deliver relevant and customized content to your audience. 

Part 3: How to Segment Your Mobile Users 

Just like with email marketing, the better you segment your mobile list, the better results you can deliver. Not everyone who receives your text messages, push notifications, or mobile wallet offers wants the same thing. Understanding your audience and sending messages that speak to a smaller group is much more effective than blasting the same generic offer to everyone.  

Demographics Aren’t Enough 

Sure, it’s easy to divide your mobile marketing list by age, occupation, income, marital status, et cetera, but these are basic segments that aren’t always relevant when it comes to mobile marketing. With the granular details you know about your subscriber base, you can go much deeper to really engage each customer individually. 

Let’s find a better way to segment mobile users, shall we? 

Target Them Based on Where They Are 

Especially if you own multiple retail locations, sending offers tailored for a particular store can drive sales at that location. It can also provide great insight into which store’s customers are redeeming the most mobile offers. 

Go beyond that and also send push notifications to subscribers when they’re in close proximity to your store, even if it’s not the one they usually shop at. 

Segment Based on the Customer Journey 

Someone who signs up for a 20% off coupon when she’s in your store likely doesn’t have the same needs as someone who shops with you regularly. It’s important to pay attention to where people are in the customer journey. 

For example: maybe Beth has never shopped with you before, but while she’s in the store for the first time, she signs up for that 20% off coupon. She loves what she bought, and shops every three months or so. Now would be a great time to send her an enticing offer to sign up for your loyalty program so she can save money and get rewarded for her purchases. 

Customize Offers For Lapsed Customers 

A significant number of people may sign up for your mobile offers, use one, and never come back, though they stay subscribed to your offers. Segmenting your list based on how long it’s been since they made a purchase is another way you can engage subscribers, particularly those who haven’t bought from you in a while. 

This list needs your most appealing offers to get them back in the store. Go for buy one get one free offers or high dollar-off purchase deals. 

Prioritize Loyal Customers 

On the other end of the spectrum are your loyal customers, who should be #1 for you to market to. These are the customers who shop with you regularly, and who, perhaps are members of your loyalty program. 

Here, you’ve got the potential to segment to an audience of one. Send offers based on each loyal customer’s purchase behavior. If she always buys a chocolate swirl yogurt in your froyo shop, send her an offer for a free chocolate swirl yogurt. She’ll be delighted that you paid attention to her favorite flavor. 

Segment Based on Other Factors 

You could also segment based on the type of mobile device the subscriber has. Sending a text message that includes a link to sign up for your loyalty program via Apple Pay is only relevant to part of your subscriber base, but if you create a segment for Apple phone users, it can help you see a boost in loyalty signups. 

You could also organize your subscribers by behavior, like “people who open our texts on weekends,” then focus your campaign on those days for maximum redemption. 

There are many ways you can segment your mobile marketing list. However you do, make sure you have a goal with each segment. Are you trying to bring back customers who haven’t bought from you in a while? Boost Saturday sales? Create loyal customers? Know what you want to accomplish, and your segmented list will get you started on the right path. 

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