Psychographics vs. Demographics: What Marketers Need to Know

August 28, 2019 Vibes Marketing

Up until recently, all marketers had to base their targeting on was demographics. Where did a customer live? Did she have a college degree? What was her income? Did she have kids? 

But now, thanks to advancements in analytics and tracking, we also have insight into psychographics, which tell us more about consumers’ habits, preferences, values, and tastes. Marketers can use these to predict consumer behavior and deliver personalized offers that hit the mark. 

Consumers are Demanding Better Targeting 

Everything starts with the consumer. Marketers who understand that do a better job of delivering value to potential customers. Those that don’t, well, they see higher unsubscribe rates and lower sales.  

In our 2019 US Mobile Consumer Reportwe found that consumers opt out of mobile messaging when they receive too many messages or irrelevant information. Personalization is key and understanding the characteristics of your target audience will help influence their buying behavior.  

And if consumers feel like the value a brand offers via various marketing channels is significant, they’ll be willing to give up personal information to get those special offers. Here’s what they’re willing to share: 

  • Responses to a survey (69%) 

  • Mobile number (45%) 

  • Current physical location (29%) 

  • Social media handles (15%) 

  • Access to their calendar (7%) 

Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number… But Personality Matters More 

We also discovered that, while in the past, there was some consistency across generations in terms of attitudes toward mobile marketing channels, we’re now seeing less of that and more consistency across personality types. 

Our research found four distinct personality types: 

1. My Phone, My Enemy: 33% believe that smartphones are a waste time and isolate people. However, 64% of this group prefers to save digital coupons on their phone. Here lies the opportunity to target these individuals within mobile wallet. 

2. I Love My Phone, Keep It Safe: 23% of consumers use their phones for many tasks and to pass time/relax and stay in touch. However, they say they have experienced a security breach and stopped using their phone to purchase from a brand for security reasons. Don’t expect this personality type to buy products via mobile. Focus on text message marketing that allows them to redeem a coupon in the store without sharing too many personal details. 

3. I Like My Phone, I Don’t Love It: 18% don’t use their smartphones as extensively as personality types 2 and 4, but they don’t have a negative view of the impact of smartphones. Notably, this group is not motivated by reward programs, therefore mobile web and SMS/MMS would be a better approach. 

4. My Phone, My Life: And 26% heavily use their smartphones for many varied tasks, assume brands protect privacy/security, believe brand mobile apps are important, and are motivated by rewards programs. This audience is a great candidate for mobile wallet loyalty programs and offers along with push notifications and geolocation offers. 

If you can segment your audience based on these personalities, you’ll find an easier time connecting with them through relevant and meaningful types of content. 

Your Customer is More Than Data Points 

While it may be useful to understand demographics about your audience, you’ll do better understanding who they are, what motivates them, and what they’re likely to do in the buyer’s journey. 

It may seem like rocket science to master this, but all you have to do is be diligent in paying attention to marketing campaign results and tweaking them to see higher conversions. Toss the offers that aren’t getting redeemed, and zero in on the channels that engage the personality types that make up your target audience. 

To read the full 2019 Mobile Consumer Report, click here.

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