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Q&A with Customer Success Stars Ali Goetz & Dave Creagh

Being halfway through the first quarter of 2022 my guess is you’ve got some solid business goals in place, especially since you’re working with the relentlessly dedicated, strategically focused Vibes Customer Success Team. I asked 2 of our stellar Customer Success experts Ali and Dave for their expert opinions on why goal setting is so important for their customers. I also learned about some of their personal goals that are certainly shareworthy!

Looking back on your customers' 2021 goals, how did they do? 

AG: They all did great, but I was particularly impressed by my customers that are either less than 1 year in with Vibes or brand new to mobile engagement marketing as a whole. With the profit-driving impact mobile can have on so many brands, these customers were eager to get launched fast with a go-to-market plan that would help them quickly realize the value mobile can drive. We worked to make this happen for them, guiding them with strategic solutions that were personalized to their brand.

Also, no matter if they were a newer customer or a more tenured one, those that deployed personalized, interactive experiences did incredibly well. Interactive campaigns, like ready-to-reveal experiences and contact cards, really elevated their success during key events like Black Friday, particularly when it came to mobile subscriber growth and incremental revenue.


DC: As Ali said, our newer customers who launched with us last year saw tremendous success right off the bat. But they weren’t the only ones who killed it in 2021, some of our most tenured customers also saw major success throughout the year.

When it came to database growth goals, my customers saw great success here when they ran campaigns like store-focused promotions on top of their evergreen acquisition tactics. This type of strategy ensured there was an elevated, always-on presence to continue gaining new subscribers as well as expanding the awareness of their mobile program.

Additionally, many of my customers that activated Mobile Wallet for a welcome offer as an incentive to sign up for their mobile program saw record revenue growth as well as strong retention rates.

Let's look at a specific customer of yours - did their goals change throughout the year? If yes, how? If no, what do you attribute to that steady path? Did they prioritize one goal over the other or try to tackle all of them in parallel?

AG: I work with a lot of retailers so many of my customers had to shift due to COVID-19. So we shifted along with them to bring forth solutions that would help them make this pivot more seamlessly in order to keep their goals on track.

One major solution that helped my customers be more adaptable to the market was using our integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s (SFMC) Journey Builder, an integration that we built to optimize the creation of automated, 1-to-1 omnichannel customer journeys for brands using SMS. This elevated the way my customers were targeting their mobile subscribers with more relevant content that would drive them to purchase.


DC: I had a customer that didn’t change any of their goals throughout the year because they were brand new to mobile, so they really needed a partner they could trust and rely on for strategic recommendations that would drive success in their first year. They were patient in the sense that they understood no program would be an overnight success, but when everything was in place they continued to see the projected results we discussed in planning.

What are some of the goals your customers have set for this year?

AG: Elevating their SMS messaging with more personalized, targeted content, as well as incorporating the other core mobile channels - Mobile Wallet and, if they have a mobile app, Push – in order to take on a more multichannel approach.


DC: Focusing on their customer bases and finding the preferred channel they can best connect with them in.

Do you mind sharing any personal goals for yourselves this year (outside of Vibes)? 

AG: Being more intentional with my time and my relationships – I am getting married this coming Labor Day weekend so it’s important to spend as much time with family as I can, plus practice more self-care. Bigger picture: just being more present overall (and ironically this does include less screen time!).


DC: Breaking 90 on the golf course this summer!

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