Reinvent Consumer Relationships with Push Notifications and Advanced Analytics

November 8, 2018 Andres De La Rosa

Reinvent Consumer Relationships with Push Notifications and Advanced Analytics

You’ve started the mobile journey. Mobile-first consumers are engaging with your brand and making purchases through your mobile app. So what’s next? How can you use your app to help customers see future value and reach an exciting and exclusive level of engagement that other brands don’t offer? And, more importantly, how will you continue growing brand engagement that proves your mobile leadership?

Here’s the answer: recurring customer action stems from healthy brand relationships—building genuine bonds with your audience—reflective of their behaviors, buying trends, personal attributes, and brand sentiment. By using advanced analytics to create push messaging that connects with your audience, strategic campaigns become a sustainable resource in your marketing pipeline. Market research tends to agree with push’s potential. Forrester, a leader in mobile marketing research, found that 51% of consumers act after receiving notifications, while 22% do outside of the app. So how do you ensure that your messaging hits home? Let’s take a look at how advanced analytics can transform your push messaging:

Intelligent Subscriber Profiles

  • Choose from advanced analytics’ built-in graphs to easily visualize cross-channel campaign performance—bringing you a clear view of audience reception.
  • Streamline your message-building process by combining live customer data into your messaging; saving you from a mess of conflicting creative differences.  
  • Align your campaign data against leading industry benchmarks to see where you can make new, data-backed improvements in your mobile strategy.

Push Device Stats

  • How effective is your messaging? Learn from install rates whether your push messaging drives consumers away or sends them down the path to becoming loyal brand evangelists.
  • Push campaign CTR and app clicks unveil what messages trigger customer action. Reference click insights in your messaging campaigns to choose language that engages.
  • By highlighting daily campaign performance, advanced analytics introduces fresh data into your marketing strategy without you or your team wasting time guessing the validity of consumer insights.

Location-Based Segments

  • Knowing where your customers are, not just where they’re from, can either enhance or constrict your messaging. Advanced analytics provides a network of location data points to help visualize strategy and build a strong foundation to your personalized campaigns.
  • Use location data to build relevant push messages to smaller, less-engaged consumer segments, while optimizing engagement rates from larger regions in your scope. 
  • City-level segmentation offers a new way to build hyper-targeted push campaigns that connects with consumers’ surroundings and can help lead your overall mobile strategy.

Before advanced analytics, companies relied on behavior-based marketing strategies to guide their campaigns. At Vibes, we have a mobile-first mindset. We build products that tell engaging stories to consumers, while continually connecting with customers’ preferred mobile messaging channels. While the industry deepens with intelligent automation, it remains increasingly difficult to deliver messages that stir curiosity and drive engagement…but there’s hope. There’s a reason why consumers engaged with your brand and downloaded your app: they connect with your brand. In an ecosystem designed to blast consumers with unpersonalized content, advanced analytics turns push notifications into the cupid’s arrow of consumer messaging—one where you can strike loyalty-breeding, purchase-motivating messaging gold. 

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Andres De La Rosa

A member of the Product Marketing team at Vibes, Andres De La Rosa works to share growth-enabling insights with those recognizing mobile potential. He is dedicated to bringing others a clear perspective on evolving mobile benefits.

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