Stepping Up Your Mobile Game with Mobile Marketing Platforms

September 10, 2019 Vibes Marketing

Understanding the importance of mobile marketing in your overall strategy is the first step toward success. The next is having the right technology to help you meet consumers where they are—on their mobile devices.

That’s where a mobile marketing platform comes into play. It’s through this platform that marketers can develop a solid customer relationship, fostering instant connections with mobile while learning from insights and analytics about what their audience wants.

It can be tough to keep up with what consumers want, especially since technology is moving lightning-fast. But the right mobile marketing platform can help marketers meet the demands of the digital era by targeting consumers with direct marketing on their mobile device and maximizing efforts through relevant, timely, and location-specific content.

Hello, Space Control…

Think of your mobile marketing platform as Space Control for your space odyssey. It’s here that you oversee everything that’s going on, from landing on the moon (push notification campaigns) to exploring further into space (A/B testing new ideas). When missions fall flat, you can see what went wrong, and you can learn from past campaigns what to do in future ones to set up for success.

The better you understand your Space Control, the more successful your missions will be!

What to Look for in a Mobile Marketing Platform

There are a few types of mobile marketing platforms, each with its own features.

MMH (Multichannel Marketing Hub): This platform has native mobile marketing capabilities (meaning these functions are baked into the platform) across websites, mobile apps and mobile web, email, social media, and more. They may also partner with third parties to offer additional mobile capabilities, providing great bang for your buck.

MMH tools also deliver a range of engagement and analytics, which can help you make informed decisions about future mobile marketing campaigns.

Purpose-Built Mobile Marketing Platform: This tool focuses on direct marketing engagement capabilities and can link to existing mobile marketing platforms. If you’re already using other marketing tools, you won’t have to separate your efforts, since likely they integrate well together.

Vibes is a purpose-built mobile marketing platform consisting of the Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform, Advanced Analytics, AI-Driven Marketing Suite, and Developer Platform.

You may not know which of these is a better fit for your mobile marketing needs, but one thing to look for is whether the mobile marketing platform partner is a Leader, Challenger, Niche Player, or Visionary.