Steven Mastandrea, Senior Director of Architecture on All Things Mobile Marketing

June 25, 2019 Vibes Marketing

Steven Mastandrea, Senior Director of Architecture on All Things Mobile Marketing

Steven Mastandrea, our Senior Director of Architecture, has been with Vibes for over 11 years and has seen the industry transform with the entry of smartphones, mobile apps, and new communication streams that continue to change the way that people interact.

The phone, he says, has now become a mobile information platform for consumers.

“...everything that needs to be brought with you is available on your phone, and it’s now becoming expected that wherever you go, you can reach and access that information from your phone (directions, theater and sports tickets, entry cards, boarding passes, meeting locations, reservations).”

We sat down with Steven to understand what mobile marketers should care about right now.

Is SMS Becoming More Lucrative to Mobile Marketers?

As responsiveness and speed have increased over time, text message marketing is growing in appeal to marketers.

“As the phone has become the primary tool for users, SMS remains the largest mobile messaging mechanism with the most ubiquitous and reliable reach,” Steven says.

He gives several examples of how brands and organizations are providing value to consumers through SMS: transactional messages, order confirmations and shipments, electronic tickets, fraud alerts, severe weather, and school and safety announcements.

He says that every messaging opportunity that has a desire/need for immediacy, combined with the proliferation of phones, becomes the best channel for real-time delivery, and fast responsiveness becomes key to delivering on that expectation.

Why Should Mobile Marketing Customers Care about Tier 1 Aggregators?

To some brands, a mobile marketing agency saying that it’s a Tier 1 aggregator might seem like slick marketing, but Steven says that being a Tier 1 aggregator minimizes the number of connections in the delivery chain.

“As customer marketing efforts expand, and we want to do new things, we can and do work directly with the carriers to expand and ensure successful delivery. Additionally, on an operational basis, the direct connections give us the ability to send out messages fast and respond quickly if any carrier issues do arise, as there are not any intermediary layers where things can go wrong, or that you have to talk with in order to get to the carriers. This ultimately leads to a better and more seamless experience for our customers.”

In a nutshell: the fewer cooks in the kitchen, the better the dish will turn out. In this case, the dish is your mobile marketing campaign.

With the connection as a Tier 1 aggregator, Vibes has more opportunity to help brands scale and increase their message count. Having those great carrier relationships is key for us, as well as having the innovation to take advantage of new opportunities as they gain traction in the market, Steven says.

Where is the Mobile Marketing Industry Headed?

At Vibes, we spend a lot of time forward-thinking about the mobile industry. Steven says one area that’s seeing traction is on the individual aspect of interaction.

“Transactional messaging, personalized messages and flows, preferred timing, interactive experiences are all areas that facilitate an individualized user experience, and ultimately personalized interactions.”

We find it useful to hear from our Vibes employees who are in the trenches, so to speak, about their insights into the world of mobile. We hope you find it valuable, too!

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