Super Bowl 2019 is No Exception — Beauty Brands are Killing it With Mobile & Digital Technology

February 7, 2019 Vibes Marketing

Super Bowl 2019 is No Exception — Beauty Brands are Killing it With Mobile & Digital Technology

We love seeing different industries embrace mobile marketing in unique ways, and recently, our attention has turned toward the beauty industry.  


Not only are brands like Ulta bridging the gap between the physical and digital experience using mobile, but they’re also leveraging AI, augmented reality, and other mobile marketing strategies to provide innovative experiences for their customers. Let’s take a look. 

Beauty Will Break Barriers This Super Bowl 

Up until now, Super Bowl advertisers have not fully leveraged mobile marketing to its full capability. While in the last few years, advertisers have introduced mobile, they haven’t fully incorporated the fact that many people are watching the game on television while also using a second screen. Advertisers have missed the mark in terms of being able to connect the dots between a commercial and mobile activity. But this year promises to be better, particularly for beauty brand Olay. 

The skincare brand will be the first beauty brand to air a Super Bowl commercial. The brand is targeting a virtually untapped market: the 45% of women who watch football and the Super Bowl. 

The mobile tie-in is that before the game, consumers have the opportunity to win Super Bowl tickets by participating in a Skin Advisor survey online or through its app. Participants can take a selfie and answer questions to get recommendations for their specific skin type, and be entered to win. 

Augmented Reality Removes the Need for In-Store Try-Ons 

Ask any woman and she’ll say she won’t know if she likes a makeup product until she’s tried it on in the store. Well, that concept may become a thing of the past, thanks to augmented reality.Sephora, who was among the first to provide a virtual makeup sampling tool, is far from alone these days. 

Makeup brand Benefit has its Brow Genie tool, which lets users take a selfie and get personalized tips on shaping and styling. L’Oreal’s Makeup Genius app lets users try different products virtually to see which looks best. And Sally Hansen’s mobile app lets users virtually try on more than 200 nail polish shades. 

By leveraging augmented reality, these beauty brands are finding more ways to connect with consumers. It’s not even necessary that they visit a store to buy the products; they can buy them from within the mobile app, providing the ultimate convenience. 

Artificial Intelligence Provides More Value to the Customer 

Another technology that is driving customer engagement in the beauty sector is AI. Combined with its augmented reality features, Sephora is leveraging artificial intelligence to scan a shopper’s face and make product suggestions based on what the software sees. The in-store service, Color iQ, is a device that scans the surface of a shopper’s skin and assigns it a Color iQnumber, providing a scientifically-precise foundation match. This cuts down on the time Sephora employees need to spend with customers and reduces returns of mismatched shades. 

Function of Beauty does the same with customized shampoo and conditioner, based on a questionnaire about hair type. 

Chatbots are Taking Beauty Brands Next-Level 

CoverGirl is hitting the mark with its teen audience using what’s called an influencer chatbot. Based on a popular teen dancer who has more than 4.8 million Instagram followers, the chatbot answers questions about Kalani Hilliker and provides her makeup well as a coupon. The chatbot, which is run through the Kik app, sees over 50% of users clicking to the coupon. 

Haircolor brand Madison Reed is also leveraging the chatbot. Dubbed Madi, the brand’s chatbot assesses a photo of the user, asks her hair goals, and makes suggestions for hair color. 

It’s exciting to see beauty brands embracing digital technology and mobile marketing in such creative ways!

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