Text Message Marketing Experiences That are Creating Buzz

August 23, 2018 Vibes Marketing

Text Message Marketing Experiences That are Creating Buzz

These days, sending text messages like coupons and special offers is the bare minimum of what you can do to reach consumers through mobile. Every day, we’re seeing more and more exciting concepts that companies are coming up with to get shoppers excited about their brands.

Brands like Nike, Domino’s, and Chipotle are continually pushing the envelope in regards to innovative ways to engage an audience and, as a result, they are not only increasing SMS subscribers but also boosting engagement and revenue across all channels.

Text Message Marketing Experiences That are Creating Buzz

Nike Makes The Space Between Online and Off Seamless with Text Messages

Recently, Nike opened a concept store in LA that leverages mobile technology and customer data to create a unique shopping experience. The store, which caters to NikePlus loyalty members, uses both its app and text message marketing to provide ingenious ways for customers to interact with the brand.

Rather than stand in line to process a return, shoppers can text store associates to return or exchange products curbside. Presumably the concept store is designed to boost loyalty activity. Another store is planned for Tokyo next year.

Ashley Furniture’s Text Message Marketing Campaign Nets over $100k in 4 Days

Everyone loves getting access to something exclusive, and Ashley Furniture fans are no exception. The brand launched a “Secret Sale” over four days, and saw phenomenal results almost instantly.

On the first day of the sale, the brand sent 6,000 texts and 28,743 emails related to the promotion and generated $138,460 over the four-day period.

Chipotle Leverages Text Messaging to Give Away Burritos

The only thing better than enjoying Chipotle’s enormous burritos is to give one to a friend...for free. That’s the premise of Chipotle’s Burrito-a-Friend campaign: customers could send a customized digital card to a friend with an offer for a free burrito, no strings attached.

The lucky friends received the coupon via text, and then had the option to opt in to text marketing offers. As a result of this campaign (among other campaigns), Chipotle’s mobile subscriber base increased 2.4x year over year.

Gillette Makes It Dead Simple to Get New Razors

Ordering via text is the newest mobile marketing strategy, and you might be surprised what you can order. Gillette, which launched its Gillette On Demand razor subscription service in 2017, added the ability to order and manage subscriptions via text message shortly after to keep up in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

This move was due to customers cancelling their subscription because they’d end up with too many razors. Now using text messaging, subscribers can easily modify shipment dates and orders.

Domino’s Lets Customers Order Pizza From Just About Any Platform

Domino’s knows that the way to Millennials’ hearts is through technology. That’s why it launched its Anyware platform, allowing customers to order pizza through a plethora of tools, including text messaging, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Alexa, Google Home, and more.

To order via text, a customer must have a Pizza Profile and an Easy Order on Domino’s website. Using the pizza emoji, customers text to a number to place an order in seconds.

This text marketing strategy, along with its significant push in all digital channels, has contributed to the fact that the brand sees more than 60% of its business from digital channels.

Walmart Appeals to Busy Shoppers with its AI Text Service

Not one to be left behind, Walmart is also leveraging text message marketing in an innovative way. The retailer recently launched its Jetblack personal shopper service, which, after a 10-minute consultation via phone, allows customers to request items or get recommendations via text.

The service, which costs $50 a month, is designed to attract more affluent shoppers to what has historically been a bargain retail brand.

You’ll notice a common thread among all of these brands who have cracked the code on text marketing: they don’t rely on it alone. They incorporate text messages with other mobile and marketing aspects, both online and off, to create a fully-encompassing brand experience for customers.

Text marketing will continue to evolve as brands find better ways to get in front of their audiences with relevant offers and engaging activities.

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