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The 5 Rules to Dating and SMS

Mobile marketing and dating may not have much in common on the surface, but realistically, the strategies for effective SMS marketing are similar to the rules for a successful date.


1. Make it Personal

When you go on a first date, you want someone to know your name (and use it!), as well as someone who listens to what you say during the conversation. The same is for mobile marketing. If consumers provide personal information, marketers should ensure to use it in messages. In fact, Vibes’ retailers see a 40% engagement lift and a 102% conversion lift with personalized messaging. Personal messaging related to specific interests or locations also perform higher.


2. Lean into Intimacy

Text messaging is an intimate channel. It is used for family, friends, and now consumers’ favorite brands. In other words, mobile is just as intimate as dating. Lean into the intimacy and provide avenues for a two-way conversation. Learn how the consumer interacts or prefers to interact. Read their signals. Then go in for the incentive.


3. Get Consent

On a first date, most receive permission before going in for the kiss. The same is for SMS marketing. Ensure consent before confirming a subscriber into your program. This is often a Reply Y or Reply Zip Code confirmation after the initial opt-in. Consent is key to a successful date and mobile marketing program.


4. The More You Know the Better  

Before a date, most tend to search dates online, going through social profiles and Google results (hey, safety first!). While not as creepy in mobile marketing, effective mobile programs rely on data collection, including personal information, purchase behavior, shopping interests, and more. As like dating, the more marketers know about a consumer, the better the experience will be for every party involved. 


5. Timing Is Key

Like dating, if one party is unresponsive, do not continue to text or call them. The same is true for mobile marketing. If consumers are unresponsive or disengaged from a program, stop continuously messaging and proactively target with a re-engagement incentive. In both mobile marketing and dating if the party remains unresponsive, move on to someone who is going to appreciate what you’re offering.


Dating and SMS marketing are not all that different. Any smart marketer knows to swipe right on mobile marketing for the best consumer relationship they’ve ever had.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Vibes to you.