The Micro-Moment Economy: Why Utility is the New Currency

September 20, 2019 Naomi Hsieh

Mobile means constant access. And constant access means constant productivity.

You’ve heard the same story countless times – someone loses their phone, or needs to take it to the store to have it fixed – and only then do they realize how vital it was to their everyday life “I was sitting on my commute into work today, and sitting there I realized.. I had no idea what to do.”

Every idle moment is now an opportunity – to send a text to a friend, respond to an email, look up new dinner spots for your weekend plans, or satisfy a curiosity with a quick search on Google – the possibilities are endless. These key “micro-moments” have become an integral part of our daily lives, as we endlessly multitask and shift between the digital and physical world.

When technology shrank small enough to fit into our pockets, the way we communicate, learn, and live – drastically evolved.

Utility is the new commodity

The game has changed - Just look at the rise of content marketing. Long gone are the days of merely repeating your product’s name, brute forcing your way into the minds of your customer – you now need to earn that real estate. Utility is king – even in the marketing space. When you communicate with your customers, what value are you bringing to the table?

Your customers have been trained by this micro-moment economy to be ruthless with their time – if you don’t provide value, you get discarded. Nearly all consumers unsubscribe from marketing messages due to lack of utility – not tailored to their interests enough, not offering steep enough deals, or received at the wrong time.  It’s imperative that brands truly consider how their brands can provide the most utility to their customers – and how they can weave themselves into the millions of micro-moments that occur every day.

The Micro-Moment world is Mobile.

If you want to adjust to the changes in the this utility-based market, you will need to be mobile. Whether that’s email, push, wallet, SMS, over-the-top messaging, or social – your brand needs to begin deftly navigating mobile channels to add value in your customers micro-moments.

Send location-triggered reminders on offers as your customers are passing by your store, cater to their purchasing tendencies by notifying them of sales as they’re heading home on their commute. These are all precious windows where your brand could be offering its customers valuable information they’re interested in and most likely to act upon.

It’s important that when considering your mobile strategy to also consider the nature of this new utility-driven economy – be sure to find a partner who truly knows mobile and can not only enable you to reach your customers with mobile channels, but also function as a strategic collaborator to discover the unique value your brand provides your customers in their micro-moments.

Interested to see how you can capitalize on micro-moments? Be sure to check out how we at Vibes can help you lean into micro-mobile conversations.

About the Author

Naomi Hsieh

Naomi is a Product Marketer at Vibes, as well as a technology fanatic, market trends nerd, and efficiency-obsessed cat lover. Always looking to connect the dots between new technologies and existing markets, she loves exploring how mobile innovation adds value to the world.

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