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Your Questions Answered: The Power of Mobile Wallet

In anticipation of the next webinar in our Mobile Wallet Series launching this week, we wanted to share some of the best questions we've been asked about Mobile Wallet Passes.

Here are 10 of the most important questions asked during our last webinar, Unlocking the Power of Mobile Wallet, with answers by Vibes Co-Founder Alex Campbell.

Register now for our next webinar and ask Alex and Vibes Chief Technology Officer Brian Garofola your own questions on Mobile Wallet during our open Q&A!

How does Mobile Wallet support loyalty?

A mobile wallet Loyalty card is a digital version of a physical membership card. While immediately thought of as just an enhanced tool to pay for purchases with a mobile device, Mobile Wallet does so much more than that especially as it pertains to loyalty.

In addition to the card reflecting the member’s key account details, it can be regularly updated in real time to reflect account activity such as points earned, progress to a new reward and personalized, and Loyalty-specific content.

By having the ability to update the content on saved mobile wallet passes with new information at any time, brands have a versatile, persistent, visual way to engage with their loyalty members. And because of the tracking and attribution capabilities mobile wallet has, brands can track individual member activity and behavior for more precise, targeted messaging that can be delivered through push notifications.

Are consumer adoption statistics available on the use of Mobile Wallet? 

We're seeing Mobile Wallet continue to gain momentum in the market. As of 2020 there were over 2.8B Mobile Wallet users worldwide, and a recent study conducted by Juniper Research predicts that more than half of the world's population will use mobile wallets by 2025.

Of the number of Vibes customers that use mobile wallet today they see a 60% average install rate just from their mobile loyalty card alone.

Can you integrate mobile wallet passes into digital advertising?

Yes! Mobile Wallet makes a great landing page for digital advertising. It allows customers to easily save passes into their phones so they’re easily accessible when that customer is in your store or on your website later.

How does a loyalty card on a phone work? How does it get inserted? Is it treated like a boarding pass?

Loyalty cards are saved by users to their mobile devices in their Mobile Wallet, the summary term for the native apps, “Apple Wallet” and “Google Pay” built into all iOS and Android devices. These native apps require no extra download or sign up by customers to use.

Exactly like a mobile boarding pass, a mobile wallet Loyalty card gets manually saved by a user right onto their mobile device. Mobile wallet passes can easily be distributed through any existing marketing channel – from in-store signage, print and TV advertising, and direct mail to lower-cost digital channels like SMS, email, web, social and mobile app – making it simple for brands to get mobile loyalty cards into a member’s Mobile Wallet.

Can offers be redeemed online, or in-store only? Can you work with any brand or category?

Yes, mobile wallet is universal to any brand and any category, and offers can be redeemed both online and in-store.

For brands that may want their offers to only be available exclusively in one channel, Mobile Wallet makes this easy. It’s very simple to include “in-store only” prominently on a pass to ensure customers are aware the offer cannot be redeemed online, and brands can also do the reverse and drive online purchasing as well.

Is there a method for making the offers unique? i.e. if we deploy an offer via advertising, how do we ensure each person gets a unique code to redeem?

Through the Vibes platform, customers can easily issue unique codes through incentive pools that store and trigger unique offer codes every time an individual clicks on a call-to-action to save their pass to their phone.

To help prevent fraud each mobile wallet offer is delivered through Vibes’ Secure SmartLink, a unique URL automatically generated for every mobile wallet pass that gets delivered to an individual customer. The Secure SmartLink is encoded with parameters that provide fraud protection for any redeemable pass meant to be used only once, like an offer. This prevents customers from manipulating the Secure SmartLink to reuse an already-redeemed pass by deactivating the pass after use.

Once I get a loyalty card in the mobile wallet, what are the use cases that follow?

Across all the capabilities Mobile Wallet has to offer, the common theme is that it gives brands a new way to engage with their customers without even requiring their customers to download another app.

There are a myriad of ways you can activate mobile wallet as a channel to make the most impact on your customers, such as:

  • Track activity and behavior for more precise, targeted messaging
  • Keep members up to date on their earned points or rewards, status level, and member-exclusive offers and benefits
  • Update key membership information, e.g. points balance, in real time
  • Use Mobile Wallet notifications that get delivered directly to the mobile phone's lock screen to help brands nudge their customers to act when they might not have otherwise, e.g. notify members if they have outstanding points or rewards that are expiring with enough time so they have a chance to redeem them

Can you explain further how Mobile Wallet can be implemented alongside other mobile messaging channels, like SMS, as part of a singular program to effectively engage consumers across the customer journey? 

Anywhere you can embed a URL you can deliver a mobile wallet pass, meaning brands can take a multichannel approach to promoting program signup as well as getting passes into more customers’ mobile wallets.

To drive awareness and help stay top-of-mind as a brand, we recommend starting by opting customers into an SMS list. Since SMS is inherently mobile and there’s a 98% open rate for text messages plus a 50% response rate within 3 minutes, it provides a seamless customer experience for delivering mobile wallet passes.

In addition, the SMS and mobile wallet channels offer complementary segmentation and targeting capabilities to enable brands the ability to reach customers only in one channel, or in both depending on the urgency of the message.

What if I have a mobile app?

Mobile Wallet doesn’t replace or compete with the value of a brand’s mobile app. Rather Mobile Wallet provides tremendous value in the ways it complements mobile apps by making the customer experience more convenient and providing brands with an easily accessible, persistent communication channel. And even with the most sophisticated and widely used app, you could still be missing customers that mobile wallet can help you reach.  

Download Vibes Mobile Wallet as a Channel guide for a deeper dive into how Mobile Wallet in conjunction with a mobile app brings more consumers into a brand's program.

When allowing a customer to link their app to Mobile Wallet, can you also enable the ability to select which creative is displayed? Can this be changed dynamically?

Yes, creative elements of the pass can be personalized through dynamic strip images, which can be updated at any time, as often as a brand desires, and in real time.

If you have a question of your own or simply want to learn more, register for our next webinar, Adopting Mobile Wallet Passes into the Customer Lifecycle.