The Reason Marketers Can No Longer Rely on Traditional Marketing Strategies

October 17, 2017 Vibes Marketing

The thing about marketing is that it’s always a moving target. What worked last year — or even last month — may no longer be as effective today, and so marketers have to continually refresh their marketing strategies to stay relevant to their audience.

If you’ve been relying on the marketing tactics you used in the past, let this post be an eye opener and inspire you to update your game plan.

Direct Mail: Talking At Me, Not To Me

In its heyday (before the digital marketing era), direct mail seemed ingenious: you could reach thousands of people with your business’ promotion. Why not?

These days, direct mail more often than not makes its way into our landfills without being glanced at. It’s not targeted beyond a certain zip code, which can make its recipients feel like the sender has no concerns for them as individuals. It’s like being talked at, not talked to, and that’s a huge problem in an era where back-and-forth conversations between customers and brands is so successful.

With only a 1/10th of 1% success rate and long lead time, direct mail simply can’t compete with the likes of email, social media, and mobile marketing.

Advertising: We’re Moving Away from Desktop

While desktop pay-per-click ads were the de facto for years, mobile advertising has quickly surpassed its predecessor. Because more people are using their phones or tablets to conduct searches — 56% of mobile users search for products on a weekly basis, compared to 37% on desktop — mobile advertising is a better place to put your ad dollars.

And with social media brands like Facebook racing to come up with increasingly innovative mobile ad solutions, there are even more ways to connect with and engage your audience through mobile.

Semantic search and location-based searches are two additional reasons why brands need to shift their advertising efforts to be more mobile-friendly.

Coupons: These Ain’t Your Mama’s Coupons Anymore

As print newspaper subscriptions dwindle down, so does print coupon redemption. Consumers are finding it a pain to clip or print coupons, and retailers realize there are better, more trackable options out there.

Digital coupons, on the other hand, let retailers track exactly where the coupon came from, they’re cheaper to produce, and it’s harder to game the system when the coupon is stored in a mobile wallet. And 56% of consumers are interested in saving coupons to their mobile wallets, indicating a shift in sentiment that marketers should not ignore.

Mobile Web: Can’t Always Keep Up with Consumer Demand

While you’d think that a mobile-friendly website would be cutting-edge enough to make customers happy, that’s not always the case. In fact, users browse 286% more within a mobile app than they do on a mobile website.

Chalk that up to functionality being easier for the mobile experience in an app, or it simply loading faster. In fact, a one-second delay in loading content on a website (mobile or otherwise) can result in a 7% reduction in conversion. So speed and smooth user experience are essential for reaching today’s mobile-obsessed consumers.

While you don’t need to completely discount any older marketing strategy, you should carefully assess whether it’s still delivering the positive results it once did. Something as simple as a small update, such as including mobile pay-per-click ads in your next advertising campaign, might help boost results, but if that still doesn’t increase conversions, consider letting go of some of those outdated strategies in favor of those that are proven to work today, such as mobile marketing.

The key to successful marketing is knowing what works for your brand. That requires constant diligence and assessment on your part.


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