The Recipe for Restaurant Loyalty Success

October 17, 2019 Andres De La Rosa

The Recipe for Restaurant Loyalty Success

The mobile app has become the restaurant industry standard. On-the-go consumers are only paying attention to programs that maximize value. So how do you stand out in a crowded restaurant app space?

It’s not just about offering the most rewards. Instead, think about how you can elevate your loyalty offering to fit the needs of today’s consumers.

Let’s look at what your loyalty program needs to increase visits and capture more spend.

  1. Make loyalty accessible and convenient

Not every customer will immediately download your app. Housing multiple engagement features in your app will entice your mobile-savvy audience, but it can also intimidate more traditional customers. By making your loyalty program more accessible through lower friction channels like Mobile Wallet, SMS and MMS, you can reward your non-app audience, make loyalty transactions simple and app-like, and develop a bond with your audience that leads to increased mobile engagement and recurring spend. Even Dunkin’ realizes that you have to nurture non-digital consumers with light mobile experiences until they're bought in to your loyalty program.

  1. Deliver value in every engagement

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers; they’ve just downloaded your app because they seek more value out of their frequent visits, but they’re not sure what to expect. “When will I get my first offer? How will I know when I’m close to the next tier?” Make loyalty more valuable by reaching out to customers when it matters. Fire off an SMS campaign to send loyalty redemption reminders when the clock strikes 11:59 a.m.; trigger Push notifications on double and triple point days so customers can scoop up extra points and you can increase day-to-day traffic. Communicate the benefits of your loyalty program and you’ll keep customers spending.

  1. Turn data into engagement fuel

In every click, purchase, or even physical movement, customers show you their purchasing preferences and intentions. Weave in your POS purchase data to attribute purchases to mobile engagement campaigns - understand what dishes, drinks, and sides your customers purchase, and use that data to power personalized engagements moving forward. Segment your audience and use event-triggered messages so the right message reaches the right customers to maximize ROI.

Restaurant mobile loyalty is more than exchanging purchases for points – it’s consistent, personalized, multichannel nurturing. Customers want brands to help make their journey to their next meal or drink, shorter, more engaging, and on top of that, reward them in unique and innovative ways for their decision to choose you. Use multichannel mobile engagement to make your loyalty program more valuable and achieve a scalable loyalty structure that funnels in new users faster than anyone else. Restaurant loyalty is here to stay, but only the brands who craft meaningful mobile experiences will stick around, too.

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Andres De La Rosa

A member of the Product Marketing team at Vibes, Andres De La Rosa works to share growth-enabling insights with those recognizing mobile potential. He is dedicated to bringing others a clear perspective on evolving mobile benefits.

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