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The Role of Mobile: Re-engaging Shoppers In the New Normal

As brands are looking forward to full store re-openings in the coming weeks, it is no secret the new contactless norm will forever alter the customer experience. Nonetheless, we have seen businesses around the world adapt by implementing contactless programmes, social distancing policies, and phased re-opening plans.

Customers, however, are still finding themselves confused and uninformed, often asking - what are my local store hours? What are their PPE guidelines? Is click and collect offered?

Because of this, many brands are on the search for an effective communications channel to keep customers in-the-know and up-to-date on store information. Here’s how mobile marketing can help bridge this communication gap.

Leveraging SMS to Generate Awareness

Mobile continues to play a huge role in shaping the new “normal” of today’s world. With over 75% of consumers paying extra attention to restaurant and retail brands, businesses can expect their mobile marketing efforts to see immediate engagement.

But where exactly should brands steer their mobile focus?

Text messaging serves as one of the most reliable channels for 1:1 customer communications with an average response time of 90 seconds. By leveraging SMS as a key communications channel with consumers, retailers can not only share relevant store updates instantly but simultaneously generate immediate awareness around their re-opening initiatives.

Going Above and Beyond For Consumers

It is no secret that stores will look to limit capacity, offer more sanitiser stations, and will probably require face protection to be worn by both employees and customers alike. But consumers are also focused on how brands are taking it a step further and going the extra mile to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

Brands searching for pre-opening engagement tactics that identify where they should focus their digital marketing efforts can look to our Vibes Re-store offering that hones in on the power of SMS to:

  • Guide customer expectations by informing them of safety precautions
  • Alert shoppers of store re-openings, answer FAQs, and educate on new offerings
  • Incentivise with engaging rewards and reminders to drive in-store traffic
  • Follow up post-visit to survey their experience and find ways to optimise

Keeping customers in-the-loop is important now more than ever. With the help from SMS, brands can continue preparing to re-engage shoppers, accelerate sales, and forge deeper customer relationships.

Text Messaging Helps You Invest for Today and Tomorrow

Though the onset of COVID-19 has affected our lives in more ways than one, ensuring a fast, reliable communication channel with SMS will be key in the upcoming months.

Consumers are unclear when it will be entirely safe to leave the comfort of their homes anytime soon, regardless of eased stay-at-home restrictions. But by proactively communicating with shoppers on a 1:1 basis through text messaging, brands can enhance the customer experience, ease health and safety concerns, and bridge the communication gap between brand and consumer.

Interested in exploring more ways to leverage SMS in retail? Get the inside scoop here.

About the Author

Hanna Lee is a Marketing Intern at Vibes, located in San Francisco. She seeks to discover how marketing trends are brought to life in the digital world while also providing fresh insights that spark explorative and innovative natures in others.

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