The Value of Using Facebook Ads with Mobile Wallet

April 10, 2018 Vibes Marketing

The Value of Using Facebook Ads with Mobile Wallet

There’s nothing better than combining two highly-effective forms of digital marketing to pack an even more powerful punch. That’s what happens when you combine Facebook Ads with mobile wallet.

This is still a fairly new concept, so brands that are leveraging it (like Vibes clients) are the forerunners of a very exciting method of reaching their audience in a useful and engaging way.

Combining Vibes Mobile Wallet platform with Facebook’s Ad Manager allows you to create a unique user experience, as well as offers a new format for distributing mobile offers directly to your audience.

How it Works

When you create a Facebook Ad, you are asked for a URL that people viewing your ad will click to learn more about your product or buy it. By inserting the Vibes WalletLink as the click-through URL, you can distribute Apple Pay and Android Pay offers to your Facebook audience, driving offer redemption as well as creating a communication channel that extends past the ad interaction.

If a Facebook user views your ad on a mobile device and clicks the ad, WalletLink will automatically detect what type of device she’s on (Apple or Android) and direct her to the appropriate mobile wallet landing page. From there, she can save the promoted offer to her wallet. She doesn’t need to manually type an address in her mobile browser or text to subscribe to your communications. It’s as easy as a few clicks.

Why It’s Useful

This combination of Facebook Ads and mobile wallet allows you to reach consumers who might not otherwise be introduced to your mobile wallet offers. Say for example you advertise to Facebook users of a particular demographic and some of them have never visited your retail stores. Seeing an appealing ad on their Facebook page might compel them to click the ad. They’re excited about the mobile wallet offer, save it, and then visit your store for the first of many times.

You’ve successfully reached a new audience you haven’t been able to connect with through other means of marketing.

As advertising continues to better serve its audience (consumers), brands like yours need to continually innovate to find ways to entice them to engage with your brand. Much of advertising is passive, but this combination instantly engages consumers where they spend a significant amount of time: their phones.

Once that offer is saved, they’ll get reminders to redeem the promotion, and if they’re within geographic proximity of your store, they’ll get push notifications as well. It’s an active way to engage with potential customers with a fantastic opportunity for conversion.

From the customer perspective, this is useful advertising. Being able to easily access coupons and promotions simplifies the shopping and saving experience.

In terms of benefits for your brand, you see a significant and highly-measurable return on ad spend (ROAS), and you leverage the existing (and proven) Facebook Ad model to reach your audience. If you’re already using the platform to reach consumers on the desktop version of the social media site, it’s just as easy to incorporate your mobile wallet link for future campaigns.

We at Vibes are so excited to see how brands innovate with this powerful mobile marketing (and advertising) strategy. We’ll continue to update you with examples of how the major retailers we work with use Facebook Ads combined with mobile wallet.

If you’re already using Facebook Ads to reach your audience, why not try out this strategy to increase your mobile wallet subscriber base? We’re happy to help you get started with our Mobile Wallet platform. Contact us today for a free demo to see how it can benefit your brand.


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