Top Mistakes Brands Make with Mobile Marketing

May 8, 2018 Vibes Marketing

Mistakes Brands Make with Mobile Marketing


As wonderful as mobile marketing can be, a lot of marketers are still misusing it. Certainly if you’re making one of the following errors, you might not see the benefit of mobile marketing.

Mistakes Brands Make with Mobile Marketing

If your mobile marketing strategy is as outdated as this phone, you need Vibes’ help!

Vibes excels at helping brands get the most out of mobile marketing, and we can help even if you’ve made goof-ups in the past.

Your Mobile App is Limited in Its Function

Someone downloads your app because she loves your brand, but when she opens it, she’s dismayed to find that all it does is send her to your website.

Why waste the money developing an app if you aren’t going to fully leverage what a mobile app can do for you?

While it’s not even necessary that you have a mobile app to market to your audience, if you do have one, it needs to create value in your customers’ lives, and that means going beyond a link to your site or simply displaying where the closest retail location is.

That means creating exclusive content found only in your mobile app, sending push notifications (that’s where Vibes can help) that drive people to make purchases in the app, and otherwise providing ways to be useful to your audience.

In fact, users who opt into push notifications have twice the app retention of those who don’t, so leverage that!

You Ignore Type of Device When Sending Messages

While we’d love to live in a world where Android and Apple devices played together nicely, the fact is that they don’t. And when you as a marketer send messages that are device-agnostic, you miss a valuable opportunity to ensure engagement.

Different device types display messages differently, and may or may not allow users to interact with the message in the way you want.

So how can you remedy this? Vibes’ mobile platform takes note of the type of device the subscriber has and makes sure the messages sent render appropriately.

You’re Missing Out on In-Store Sales

While 75% of shoppers use their mobile devices in a store to research products, many are checking competitors’ prices (called “showrooming). If the price you’re selling at isn’t the best, you lose that business opportunity.

How can Vibes help you combat showrooming? By creating engaging offers and promotions, as well as leveraging geo-location tools like beacons. When you connect with your audience in the moment, while they’re shopping at your store, with an appealing offer, they’re much more likely to buy from you.

You’re Not Diversifying Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Sure, you’re marketing to your customers through mobile wallet. Or push. Or SMS. And maybe you also use social media. And email. But you’re not combining all of these elements together to have an even bigger impact.

You should encourage social followers to opt into your SMS offers. You should use location data to send promotions when shoppers are near your store. You can promote your mobile wallet campaign via email, advertising, and in-store. The more you connect the dots between your marketing efforts, the more they work in harmony.

You Assume Your Audience Understands How Mobile Wallet Works

This is a costly mistake if you invest in mobile wallet marketing. Because it’s still a relatively new tool for consumers (especially going beyond mobile payments), a sizeable portion of the population has no clue what benefits are awaiting them once they start getting your mobile wallet offers.

That’s why launching an education campaign is so essential. Send an email outlining how mobile wallet works, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to get started. Educate your team members to quickly walk customers through the signup process at checkout.

Fortunately, none of this mistakes are irreversible. They require a little initiative on your part, and a great mobile marketing like Vibes.

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