Two Ways You Can Easily Leverage Vibes’ Marketo Integration

December 21, 2017 Vibes Marketing

There’s nothing more annoying than having to use a handful of different software platforms to get your marketing done. In a given morning, you might have to log into your Twitter account, your MailChimp account, your analytics dashboard, and your CRM. That’s valuable time you’re wasting simply flitting from platform to platform.  

The beauty of technology in this day and age is that more and more platforms are integrating so that they’re easier for you to use, saving you time and money.

And yet, many people think that integrations of platforms are lengthy, complicated, and cumbersome. They avoid trying out new technologies out of fear of change, or worry that adding one more process to their marketing workflow will disrupt the system.

We hear that a lot at Vibes. Many businesses avoid adopting mobile marketing simply because they’re not sure how it will jibe with what they’re already doing. We pride ourselves on the simplicity of how we integrate with our partners. Our goal is to ensure that you have uninterrupted workflow while expanding your marketing potential.

One of the partners we’re most excited about integrating with is Marketo. So many of our customers use the marketing automation platform to connect with customers via email and other channels, and once they start working with Vibes, they can easily incorporate mobile in their marketing mix.

Two Ways to Integration

We know the importance of keeping your marketing campaigns and tools running without disruption, which is why we work with you to integrate our mobile marketing platform with what you’re already doing on Marketo.

Whether it’s leveraging our open APIs, setting up a batch process, or developing deeper real-time integration, our team of seasoned technologists can help you get to market fast with the data you need. We do this one of two ways.

Batch Process

This is the simplest form of integration, with the lowest barrier to entry.

Batch processing is the right decision if you have built-in methods for exporting data as a file, and want to spend little effort in the integration process (we handle the bulk of it!). There is little to no development cost to integrate with this method, and it gets your mobile marketing campaign online quickly using your Marketo customer data.

We use the existing processes built into our mobile marketing platform to consume files and take actions such as sending messages via Marketo. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in consuming files across virtually any format, so you can rest assured that your files will quickly and effortlessly be shared into your mobile marketing platform.

Real-Time Integrations

The other option to get your mobile marketing services connected with your marketing automation platform is a real-time integration. This is the most complete form of integration, and provides the highest business value.

While you will need to be more involved in this integration process than with batch processing, your efforts will result in a closer, more coordinated business partnership.

Your internal systems can instruct the Vibes platform to take actions based on business needs and logic defined within your organization’s software, programs, and platforms.

We provide public APIs that allow you to interact with our platform in an on-demand, automated fashion that suits your business needs.

Our customers often use real-time integrations to assist with triggering timely transactional messaging, updating mobile wallet loyalty point balances, POS redemption on mobile, and more.

Whichever integration option you choose, you can be confident that your marketing and customer data is in good hands with Vibes. We were named Marketo’s Technology Partner of the Year for 2017, and pride ourselves on expanding the value that customers get from Marketo’s robust marketing platform when they add our mobile marketing services to the mix.


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