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Vibes’ Clients Generated an Average of $755K in Mobile Attributed Revenue During Thanksgiving Holiday Week


Key Takeaways:

  • Vibes has delivered more than 1.2 billion SMS messages so far this holiday season
  • Vibes’ platform delivered 99% of all messages in under 30 seconds
  • On average, Vibes customers earned $755K in mobile-attributed revenue during cyber week


The combination of supply chain bottlenecks and reduced inventory prompted brands and retailers to start holiday engagement earlier than ever this year. Brands increasingly turned to mobile messaging to proactively manage the customer journey from initial engagement all the way to post-purchase, using SMS, MMS, dynamic Mobile Wallet and Push Notifications powered by Vibes’ unified mobile messaging platform.

To identify how brands used mobile marketing engagement throughout the critical holiday shopping week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the data science team at Vibes analyzed numbers across our entire customer portfolio to pinpoint key trends that emerged:

Brands increased mobile marketing messaging in 2021 - Vibes ensured timely delivery

Vibes delivered more than 1.2 billion SMS messages during the holiday period, an increase of 33% over 2020. Text messaging volumes were up 26% for the shopping period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, with Vibes successfully delivering 99% of messages in under 30 seconds. 

The increase in text messaging further demonstrates the accelerating importance of mobile messaging’s ability to deliver timely, relevant content that will immediately be seen to brands’ bottom lines, as well as the desire of consumers to stay engaged through their most trusted, personal devices. 

When brands text message at such scale, the importance of deliverability and throughput becomes paramount. Messages need to be delivered to consumers when the brand wants them delivered and even a few minutes of latency can mean the difference between success and failure. There’s nothing worse than a brand missing out on revenue and damaging their customer experience because of a Black Friday message sent in the morning, not being delivered until the afternoon, or even worse - on Saturday. 

As the holiday results showed, Vibes is the mobile messaging global standard for messaging delivery, particularly during peak periods. This is because of the unique combination of the Vibes platform’s message send optimization and our status as one of four Tier 1 aggregators with direct carrier connections ensures brands can trust that customers will receive text messages within highly specific timeframes with no delays. Whether in promotional marketing programs, loyalty rewards or servicing and order fulfillment like BOPIS/BOPAC, message deliverability is a critical component of mobile marketing success not only during high volume days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but also any other day when message timeliness is essential. With our customers, that’s every day. 

Brands generated an average of $755K in mobile attributed revenue during Cyber Week 

As mentioned, companies are using mobile more than ever to communicate with consumers and clearly understand the value of connecting with consumers in a personalized and immediate way. This is being recognized by brands as a way to drive both digital and in-store revenue. With consumers actively seeking personalized experiences, marketers cannot afford to overlook mobile capabilities that connect the dots between intelligent customer journeys and increased spend.

With strategic guidance from our team of mobile experts and the Vibes platform’s ability to deliver engaging, automated mobile experiences, brands delivered an end-to-end personalized customer experience throughout Cyber Week (Nov. 22 - Nov. 29). This kept customers connected to the brands from initial awareness all the way through the post-purchase experience. These brands reaped the benefits of working with Vibes, generating an average of $755K in mobile attributed revenue during this year’s Cyber Week.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday messaging traffic was widespread

Brands varied their mobile marketing strategy throughout the holiday shopping period. With a particular emphasis on driving sales on Cyber Monday, brands increased text messaging by 37% YoY on that day alone. This increase in mobile messaging during Cyber Monday highlights how brands are using mobile to focus more on ecommerce sales. 

However, that’s not to say that brands should ignore the opportunity to use text messaging and other mobile engagement channels to target in-store shoppers as well. Mobile engagement is a powerful way to serve customers with relevant deals and messaging to elevate the in-store shopping experience, particularly through Mobile Wallet passes that not only allows for convenient, contactless in-store redemption, but also provides another persistent channel of communication on customers’ mobile devices. 

The holiday shopping period started much earlier in 2021

Our data highlights that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer the official start of the holiday sales season, with brands sending messages to their target consumers even earlier this year. For example, messaging during the five days prior to Thanksgiving increased by 46% when compared to last year.


Many marketers also used mobile messaging to make shoppers aware of deals prior to tentpole days like Cyber Monday. For example, a leading sporting goods retailer and a women’s apparel and accessories retailer both sent Cyber Monday messages on Sunday, while a children’s apparel retailer issued its Cyber Deals announcement on Saturday.


Mobile messaging continues to connect the entire customer journey

The results from Black Friday and Cyber Monday demonstrate that mobile will continue to be a critical channel to engage with shoppers throughout this entire holiday sales season. Mobile marketing, mobile loyalty, and mobile servicing (ex.BOPIS/BOPAC) allow brands to interact with customers in a personalized and timely manner. Consequently, brands break through the noise and successfully manage each of their customers’ experiences from initial engagement all the way through the post-purchase process. 


Vibes is here to help your business scale and optimize the deliverability of your mobile messages this holiday season and beyond. To learn more, contact us here


* Vibes will continue to monitor key mobile messaging trends throughout the holiday sales season and issue a comprehensive report at the end of 2021 highlighting further trends including overall conversion, messaging and consumer engagement.