Vibes’ New Advanced Analytics Solution Helps Customers Optimize Multichannel Mobile Campaigns

May 15, 2018

Vibes’ New Advanced Analytics Solution

We’re always cooking up something exciting here at Vibes, and this month is particularly noteworthy as we unveiled Advanced Analytics. Intuitive, visual, and configurable, this mobile marketing performance management product is built right into our existing Mobile Engagement Platform, and provides active insights on consumers’ mobile behavior.

To learn how leading brands can harness this embedded analytics solution, register for our webinar with MicroStrategy, What’s the Data Telling You? How New Insights in Mobile Marketing Analytics Can Help You Drive Higher Customer Acquisition, taking place on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, at 2PM EDT.

Connecting the Dots

When your mobile marketing campaigns include a variety of channels, like SMS, Mobile Wallet, and Push Notifications, it can be challenging to see a connection between them when looking at results. But we’ve managed to develop customized and configured dashboards, visualizations, and insights that link mobile channels to deliver a cross-channel view into a customer’s buying journey.

The new analytics features help marketers understand mobile subscriber growth and engagement trends, allowing them to analyze and predict what mobile experiences might better engage customers from one stage in the journey to the next.

You might, for example, see that while those customers who are at the beginning of the buyer’s journey prefer to get text messages with special offers, what really motivates them into becoming a repeat customer is getting them to then join your mobile wallet loyalty program. So texting might be the gateway to get new customers in your mobile database, but the real magic — aka conversions — happens once you can send mobile wallet offers.

Beyond channel insights, you can extend your analysis with data augmented from external sources, such as POS, loyalty, and customer segmentation data.  By drilling into the why behind mobile marketing performance, you can get a clear picture of underperforming segments, markets, and stores. Knowing this information, you can plan your next campaign accordingly.

With more accurate and detailed data, it also becomes easier to measure ROI, as well as mobile performance metrics. When you’re struggling to get internal buy-in for mobile marketing campaigns, this data can make the difference between execs saying, “we’ll allocate a limited budget and test it out,” and them saying, “let’s invest more!”

What This Means for You

Advanced Analytics was designed to give marketers like you a more complete view of the customer journey that happens on mobile (as well as off of it). In addition to analyzing historical engagement trends, this feature helps you optimize future mobile marketing scenarios and define more detailed customer segments and targeted campaigns that result in higher engagement and revenue.

Essentially, it lets you easily access and understand fresh marketing data that gives you the information you need to tweak a campaign. It goes beyond traditional metrics to provide a 360-degree view of customer preferences and motivations.

More data means smarter marketing.

The Details

The Advanced Analytics visuals and dashboards are interactive and customizable. You can view statistics for certain types of demographics that interest you, such as sorting by which carriers delivered which messages, or which regions were most receptive to certain campaigns. These user data segments offer a precise understanding of campaigns, allowing you to quickly zero in on mobile marketing strategies for specific groups of customers.

The new solution integrates intelligent platform technology from MicroStrategy. Using this platform, marketers – not data scientists – can create powerful dashboards that support drag-and-drop reporting and allow anyone to simply make sense of massive amounts of customer data.

To start using Advanced Analytics, simply log into your Vibes account and select the Analytics tab.



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