Vibes Stellar Customer Experience Earns it a 75+ Net Promoter Score

November 13, 2018 Vibes Marketing

Vibes Stellar Customer Service Earns it a 75+ Net Promoter Score

We’re tickled pink to announce that our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is over 75! This may mean nothing to you, but it is an indicator that we’re doing something right when it comes to customer experience. 

Vibes Stellar Customer Service Earns it a 75+ Net Promoter Score 

What is NPS? 

Net Promoter Score is a measurement of customer experience that also predicts business growth. For businesses like Vibes, this metric is how we keep tabs on how our customers are feeling about our brand. 

It’s measured by one simple question asked to customerson a scale of 0-10, what is the likelihood that you would recommend Vibes to a friend or colleague? 

The responses are sorted into three groups based on the number they answer with: 

  • Promoters (score 9-10): brand advocates who will refer new business and stay as customers 

  • Passives (score 7-8): satisfied customers who may leave a brand for a competitive offer elsewhere 

  • Detractors (score 0-6): unhappy customers who may damage a brand through negative word-of-mouth 

To receive a score over 75 means that we have a lot of Promoters! To put it in perspective, the average NPS score in the Software industry is 30. A Net Promoter Score of 44 is considered high. According to Temkin Group’s 2018 Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study the highest score on this chart is 65 for the Banking industry. And still we rise above that number! 


We interviewed our Chief Innovation Officer, Alex Campbell, to get his insights into the Vibes difference. Here’s what he had to say:

What makes Vibes’ customer experience team different? 

We attribute our remarkable high NPS score to our customer experience (success & service) team and philosophy. At Vibes, our customers really do come first; In addition to our mobile engagement platform and solutions, we believe in customizing the partnership experience for each customer’s needs to ensure business outcomes that generate ROI.   

How does the customer experience team stand out from the start with new customers? 

Our customer success team helps customers by recognizing our contact’s role in the company, and where they need help on their mobile journey. CMOs may care about increasing sales, while a Director of Marketing needs to allocate a budget. 

How do you make each customer feel unique? 

We understand that no two brands have the same needs when it comes to mobile marketing. 

If a contact needs to build a mobile database, or if they need to increase point-of-sale purchases, we provide solutions that help them reach the specific outcome. Our customer success is based on building great customer relationships and helping them reach specific goals. 

We do that by listening to what they tell us. If a customer has a specific need, for example, subscriber acquisition, we will bring them five ideas and that will evolve into a strategy package for our customer. 

How do you keep customer retention high? 

At Vibes, we help our customers build a long-term mobile marketing strategy by constantly delivering them month-over-month and quarter-over-quarter valueOne customer may need lots of hands-on assistance at the start, and then less help over time. We strategically align with our customers, however intricate their goals and objectives may get over time. Some marketers might need help crafting the marketing message in addition to setting up the mobile engagement platform. We deliver on our customers specific needs at any time during their mobile journey.  

It all comes down to helping customers in the right way. Our customer experience team does this by noticing opportunities in product development and campaign planning that can alleviate our customer’s pain points. 

We take our Net Promoter Score seriously and constantly monitor it to ensure that we’re upholding our high standards when it comes to customer experience at Vibes.  

How do you attract new customers? 

Well, we are constantly innovating at Vibes. The products and services we offer today have greatly expanded from those we offered a year ago. We listen to our customers talk, and then we build new solutions based on what we hear.  

We also attend a lot of mobile industry conferences so that we are on the cutting edge of what’s possible. In addition to attending conferences, we’ve also won several awards for our work with customers. We recently won not one, but TWO Gold awards at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) North America Regional Smarties for the best “Relationship Building/CRM” and “Messaging” campaigns. View the campaign video here.  

And we’re fortunate enough to have many of our customers refer new business to us! It’s an honor and privilege to receive referrals like these. 

Make Vibes Your Partner in Mobile Marketing 

If you’re interested in working with a team that will prioritize your brand’s growth and partner with you every step of your mobile journey, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free demo. We would love to work with you!  

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