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Vibes Successfully Delivered Billions of Messages Within 10 Seconds in 2021 Holiday Season

‘Twas the day after Halloween, when all around us

The shopping season was now in full swing, stirring up quite a fuss

The messages were planned and ready to go

And Vibes’ customers slept peacefully knowing they’d reach their consumers not a second too slow

Before you go breaking out your Valentine’s Day chocolates and candy hearts, Vibes has some sweet success to share about the 2021 holiday season. For the record, things like a global pandemic and ongoing supply-chain issues did not slow the shopping season down.

Vibes successfully delivered billions of messages, all on time










Yeah, that’s right. The Vibes platform delivered billions of messages during the 2021 holiday period (from November 15 to December 31), 97% of which were successfully delivered within 10 seconds to 11% of the adults in the U.S. 

As the shopping season expanded well beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we were ready for a surge in messaging traffic – a 33% year-over-year increase to be exact – successfully delivering 94% of all messages within 1 second and 97% within 10 seconds. And we handled it with flying colors thanks to our Platform’s message delivery optimization coupled with our Tier 1 aggregation status that gives us direct connections to all the US wireless carriers, ensuring ample, reliable capacity during the season.

The Vibes platform is designed for broad reach, at scale

While this was a record for Vibes in terms of holiday message volume we have been setting new records each holiday season for years, so significant annual growth is not a new milestone for us.

We have seen texting continue to grow as a marketing channel, and our Platform is built to scale with the expected growth over time. This approach has been at the core of our messaging platform for more than a decade.

Our messaging platform is a cloud-native, event driven system that allows for real-time message processing and queue buffering to absorb spikes and peaks in message volume. This type of design is what makes it possible to triple our volume over the last 5 years.

And our broad reach requires a continuous commitment and focus on diversity and coverage, from the latest smartphones to older flip phones, multiple languages, and everything in between.

The Vibes platform delivers speed and reliability

Such a broad reach also requires a commitment and focus to fast and reliable message delivery, from information on the latest sale, order and shipment notifications to appointment reminders, and account access. No matter the message type, just a couple minutes of latency can mean the difference between a good customer experience and a bad one that consumers won’t forget.

Add on the fact that online shoppers saw more than 6 billion “out of stock” messages this past holiday season, a 253% increase over the 2019 pre-pandemic season and a 10% jump from 2020, deliverability and throughput are imperative in order to get every text message out intact and on time.

Besides optimizing the platform for fast message delivery, our direct carrier connections essentially gives us direct connections to consumer devices guaranteeing that when a message is sent from our platform, it’s received. Unlike other text platforms, there’s no additional company in the middle of the delivery process handling messages from all over the country slowing processing times, that cause delays, queueing and other unseen impacts to message delivery.

Finding efficiencies in every step of the messaging process is essential to deliver billions of messages fast, which is why our architecture team implemented several patterns to reduce the overall processing time. The techniques used in this implementation reduced the overall message processing times while still ensuring the security and integrity of those messages.

Building trust by design

The Vibes Platform is designed with sophisticated quality of service algorithms to ensure that no single customer consumes all of the available throughput, while optimizing for reliability to speed.

In addition, Vibes runs its messaging software in multiple independent geo-diverse regions in an Active-Active configuration, so all regions are processing messages. This design enables the platform to be highly tolerant to failures at a server, availability zone, or region level and ensures that customers messages are still delivered even during widespread, cloud service provider outages.

We’re incredibly proud that our platform is built to handle any bump in the road. But what makes us even prouder is how it has earned the trust of so many enterprise brands to handle reaching every customer on their list (yes, even the naughty ones) within seconds.

We look forward to next holiday season where our customers again stay snug in their beds with dollars dancing in their heads, while we wish them all a goodnight!

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About the Author

Brian Garofola is the Chief Technology Officer and responsible for the discovery, development, and operations of the Vibes Platform, leading the Product, Engineering, IT, and Security functions at Vibes. Brian has been building SaaS products platforms for 20 years and, prior to Vibes, spent nearly a decade building solutions for every part of the automotive retail experience at CDK Global.

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