Want More Loyal Customers? Do These 2 Things

May 25, 2017 Vibes

Loyalty is a key focus area for Vibes. Our Vice President of Sales Matt McKenna shared his thoughts on two main strategies for running an effective loyalty program with us this week.

Loyalty. It’s one of those terms being thrown around the industry like so many of its predecessors: “omnichannel,” “appification,” “frictionless,” and the awe-inspiring “disruptive.”

But unlike the host of other industry slogans and buzzwords, loyalty is an area that if
implemented correctly can breathe everlasting life into a brand.

It’s where the rubber hits the road. Every CMO should ask: Am I leaving the door open for my competitors to take my customer? Am I falling short rewarding my customer for their patronage? At Vibes, we believe that customer retention is key to grow a sustainable business.

We have seen countless brands focus primarily on marketing for new customers, so much so that they lose focus on their current customer base. As a result they never truly get a net gain, because they are always filling the funnel to make up for their customer loss. This is where a solid loyalty strategy can help give your brand an edge over competitors while building trust with your customers. 

Make it simple to join your loyalty program

This is paramount to the growth of your program. Click to tweet. If you are using manual processes like “pen and paper” to sign up for your program you are doing yourself and your customers a disservice.

If you’re relying on signups from your website or your app, you are inherently losing the lion’s share of your customers or “potential future customers.” Truth is, only a small percentage of your customers visit your website and an even smaller percentage will download your app.

Utilizing SMS and popular mobile experiences, like social to mobile, as part of your loyalty acquisition strategy will deliver big results. Attaching those simple and effective mobile engagement technologies with native mobile applications like Apple Wallet and Android Pay can bridge the gap from your web and app users to your total customer base — super charging your loyalty.

Lose the plastic

On average, brands spend $5 for each plastic loyalty card they create. Click to tweet. Less is more. Utilizing a mobile wallet loyalty pass instead of outdated plastic not only saves you money, it also adds the strength and market share of Apple and Android. In addition to the convenience for your customers, mobile wallet passes are location aware and dynamically updateable. In a recent study, we found that less than 1 percent of people remove a pass once it’s added, making mobile wallet marketing evergreen and a powerful loyalty tool.

Loyalty is a battleground you can’t afford to lose. Make sure your winning strategy is in place.

Learn more about how to build loyal customers on mobile.


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