Webinar Recap: “Chatbots: Your Customers are Ready, are You?”

May 3, 2017 Vibes News

Chatbots became a thing just over a year ago, when Facebook announced it would support them on Messenger. The next 12 months have been a flurry of activity as brands launched tens of thousands of chatbots in the U.S.

So where do things stand today? Our recently released 2017 Mobile Consumer Report found just 22 percent of consumers have interacted with a chatbot, but 65 percent would be comfortable engaging with a company via chatbot. Chatbots are a clear opportunity for brands, but it’s tough to know how to take advantage.

Fortunately, we covered this topic in a recent webinar on chatbots with our co-founder and CIO Alex Campbell and guest speaker Michael Facemire, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester. Here’s a couple tips to get you started:

  • Build your chatbot around customer intent. Click to tweet. Lots of brands wonder where to start when it comes to chatbots. The answer is simple: Use your analytics to uncover the most popular intention on your mobile website and build a chatbot around it. For example, if you find people come to your site most often to learn location and store hours, this should be the focus of your bot.
  • Start small and add functionality as you go. Click to tweet. While chatbots can perform a number of tasks, from customer service to information collection, the best bots today have a singular focus. Tackle in-and-out tasks like inventory search in the short term, and worry about more complex tasks like product research down the road.

The webinar also has answers to many of the most common questions surrounding chatbots, including:

  • What is the recommended timeframe for rolling out a chatbot?
  • What is the role of artificial intelligence in the chatbot experience?
  • How chatbots can work in tandem with my existing marketing technology?
  • How do I ensure my chatbot isn’t unresponsive and frustrates customers?
  • Who should manage my chatbot?

If you want to get up to speed on chatbots in 45 minutes, there’s no easier way. Watch the webinar now on-demand!


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