Mobile Marketing 101: How to Create Effective Calls-To-Action that Drive Engagement & Conversion

August 28, 2018 Maria Gianotti

Webinar Recap: Mobile Calls-to-Action

When it comes to boosting conversion of mobile offers, Vibes knows it can be a challenge for brands less adept in mobile marketing practices. That’s why we recently hosted a webinar called Mobile Marketing 101: How to Create Effective Calls-to-Action That Drive Engagement & Conversions.

Erika Gellar, Content Strategist, and Mike Fuller, Associate Director of Customer Success at Vibes, provided some great insight into both the importance of calls-to-action (CTAs) as well as how to use them successfully in mobile marketing campaigns.

Webinar Recap: Mobile Calls-to-Action

Why Do You Need CTAs?

Having CTAs in all your marketing messages, mobile or otherwise, is imperative because they communicate to your audience the benefits and ease of taking that required action. In the case of mobile marketing, that action might be signing up for mobile wallet, redeeming a coupon, or checking in to earn loyalty points.

But it’s not just the words you use in your calls-to-action that matter; layout, too, can compel (or not) a subscriber to take action.

Vibes research shows that 61% of consumers find that incentives or coupons are a great reason to join a brand’s mobile list, and 78% of them find that digital coupons are more convenient than print, giving you ample reason to start sending them offers via mobile.

Call-to-Action Best Practices for Mobile

While calls-to-action are ubiquitous across all marketing channels, creating mobile CTAs does require a few things to guarantee success.

In all marketing materials, make your keyword and shortcode big and bold so that they’re easy to see. Mention the value of your offer, or explain what’s in it for the consumer if they sign up. They’ll be more likely to text a shortcode to sign up for your text offers if you give them 20% off of their next purchase than nothing at all.

Also, let your audience know that, by texting this shortcode, they will join your recurring list. That way, they’re not surprised when they hear from you every few weeks with a special offer.

In terms of what not to do:

  • Don’t put your keyword or shortcode in quotation marks, as it can be confusing

  • Don’t forget disclaimers and legal requirements (more on that in a minute)

  • Don’t go overboard with busy patterns or graphics that distract from your CTA

Where to Put Your CTA

You can drive conversion of mobile marketing goals through a variety of channels using your call-to-action.

Dedicated Ecommerce

This is a great place to drive mobile conversions when you first roll out your mobile offer or even digital loyalty program. Hosting a signup form on your ecommerce site moves customers and contacts from one place (the website) to another one (mobile), giving you even more channels to interact on and provide value through.

You may only promote the mobile marketing promotion as needed or for specific campaigns on your site.

Evergreen Ecommerce

Beyond one-off promotions of mobile campaigns on your site, it can also be a smart move to have an “always-on” signup form on your website. A simple signup form found at the bottom of every page on your website can make it easy for shoppers to connect via mobile.

If space allows, include verbiage explaining that subscribers will still have to REPLY Y with their phone to be added to the list.

Evergreen Email

Another channel to drive mobile signups is email. You’ve got several options here:

  • Use a keyword CTA (“sign up for hot deals on women’s fashion!”)

  • Set up tap-to-join functionality (“tap from your phone to set up your mobile wallet profile.”)

  • Include a link to a webform for users to input their mobile numbers.

Social Media

Your social media channels are excellent for promoting your drive to increase mobile subscribers. Make sure to include your CTA both in the image of the post and the body itself. You can even pay to amplify high-profile events to get even higher conversion.

In-Store/Out of Home

For in-store signage, make sure there is a clearly-defined value proposition that will spur consumers to take action. You may want to keep the offers evergreen and nonspecific, meaning you can change what you offer without reprinting the collateral.

Legal Points to Know

Naturally, privacy is a concern these days for marketers, especially in the wake of GDPR. There are requirements, as well as suggestions that Vibes has to ensure that your messages are received by the people that want to get them, and that you’re clearly communicating expectations in your call-to-action.

Vibes recommends that all your CTAs include:

  • Product description

  • Message frequency

  • State that message and data rates may apply

  • Opt-out instructions (including STOP keyword)

  • Privacy policy or link to it

  • Terms and conditions or link to them

  • FCC Prior Express Written Consent (PEWC) disclosures

A word on PEWC: in order to get it, a mobile subscriber must have authorized your brand to send texts to them without requiring them to buy anything. If you include all the suggested components of your mobile marketing message, you should be covered, but make sure you are well-versed in the law so you don’t get reported by people who don’t want your messages or can’t opt out.

We hope that you’re a little better educated on how to use calls-to-action in your mobile marketing now!

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Maria Gianotti

Maria Gianotti is the Director of Demand Generation at Vibes. She's passionate about growth marketing and educating other marketers on the tremendous potential of mobile. Currently, Maria serves on the Board of Directors of the American Marketing Association's San Francisco Chapter as 2019 President-Elect.

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