Webinar Recap: “Retailers’ Investment in Mobile is Paying Off”

May 12, 2017 Vibes News

Brick-and-mortar retailers are under increased pressure from disruptive online experiences, but many are tackling this challenge head-on by investing in mobile marketing.

At Vibes, we work with a wide range of retailers, from The Gap to The Home Depot, to create impactful mobile marketing programs. And on average, our retailers’ programs are quite impactful.

We recently started working with PetSmart, which has already made tremendous strides in mobile, growing its subscriber base 7x over the past eight months. Molly Patterson, director of mobile strategy at PetSmart, was kind enough to join us for a webinar on retailers and mobile to share her team’s success.

She and Jason Richards, Vibes’ director of customer analytics, answered several questions about how to build a sophisticated mobile marketing program. Here were some of our favorite answers:

How should a retailer that is new to mobile build their program?

Molly recommended to take a test-and-learn approach and figure out quick wins. Demonstrating profitability at a small scale can get you the buy-in needed to scale the program and amplify the results. Click to tweet.

What’s the right cadence for sending messages to subscribers?

One to two text messages per week is standard, although this can spike during major events throughout the year like Black Friday. PetSmart tends to stick to one text message per week, but also leaves room for flexibility. It recently sent three text messages in a 72-hour period, each containing a 24-hour offer, and saw great success. The key is striking the right balance since our 2017 Mobile Consumer Report found too many messages is the top reason why consumers unsubscribe. Click to tweet.

What should these messages contain?

While everyone appreciates a good coupon, pushing these out constantly isn’t a sustainable strategy. PetSmart makes its subscribers feel special by sending messages that only they receive. These include exclusive offers, early access to giveaways and exclusive content, such as its partnership with Ellen DeGeneres.
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As you can see, lots of good insights were shared! We answered a slew of other questions as well, including:

  • How should retailers approach loyalty on mobile?
  • How can retailers segment and target consumers on mobile?
  • How do retailers calculate ROI for mobile marketing?
  • What’s the best way to personalize messages?
  • How can retailers maximize value from mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Android Pay?

Head here to watch the webinar!


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