What does the Facebook Privacy Scandal Mean for Mobile Marketers

May 7, 2018 Vibes Marketing

What does the Facebook Privacy Scandal Mean for Mobile Marketers

While other industries (like government) have scandals surrounding sex and harassment, the marketing and mobile marketing industrys’ scandals are a lot less titillating. Privacy and data are the hot topics right now, what with the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal and GDPR making world headlines recently.

What does the Facebook Privacy Scandal Mean for Mobile Marketers

Mobile marketers are nervous about how they treat data and privacy.

But when it comes to mobile marketing, what does all this hubbub about privacy and data mean? Should you jump ship from Facebook? How does your marketing strategy need to change to ensure you don’t drown in the madness?

You May (Possibly) Want to Reconsider Facebook Ads

After Mark Zuckerberg sat in front of Congress on Capitol Hill and gave vague answers about how Facebook makes money and leverages users’ data, a swarm of people started the #DeleteFacebook movement, vowing to not let the social media channel have any more control over their data.

Businesses who rely on Facebook advertising (mobile included) are understandably sweating, since they’re concerned that a large part of their targeted demographic may not be as easy to reach if they abandon the social site.

And yet many say it’s all hype, and that advertisers haven’t taken a hit as of yet. It’s quite possible that once all this dies down, there will be no change to ROI on Facebook ads.

If you’ve been using Facebook ads (many Vibes’ clients combine it with mobile wallet), pay close attention to the next few months’ results. You may see no change in your return on investment, and that would be great. But if you do take a dip, look into other forms of mobile advertising or marketing to make up for the deficit.

You Need to Revamp Your Own Privacy Policies

With all the noise over privacy concerns, it’s a good idea to take a look at how you collect and process data, even if you’re not yet required by law to do so. You can be sure that regulations in the US are forthcoming, so you can get ahead of the curve by ensuring the following:

  • You only send mobile messages or push notifications to people who have opted into them

  • You regularly ensure your database is up to date

  • You don’t sell your contact information to a third party

  • The partners you work with also treat customer data ethically

While it’s not required by law (unless you’re targeting a European Union audience, in which case it is, under GDPR), it never hurts to send a mobile message to all your users to get them to re-opt in to receiving your messages, and remind them how they can easily stop receiving those messages. This ensures that only people who care about your messages get them.

Draft your privacy policy if you don’t already have one, and post to your website so that visitors can see transparently how you collect their data and what you do with it. Make sure everyone on your marketing team (and beyond) knows the policy and adheres to it.

Treat Your Mobile Contacts with Respect

While marketers are understandably concerned with what all this means for how they communicate with their customers, the bottom line is: it’s time. Too many marketers have used bad practices to buy contact lists or sent unwanted messages to an untargeted audience for too long.

It’s time to start showing our contacts that we respect them and their personal data. If you only send relevant messages to the audience most likely to buy from you, not only do you make them happy, but you also boost your chance of making that sale. Consumers appreciate brands who do the courtesy of handling the data that they’ve trusted them with in the most ethical way.

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