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What Marketers Need to Know From Apple's WWDC


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) revealed several updates, many highlighting where mobile marketing is migrating as an industry.  


An annual conference, typically held in San Jose, California but virtual due to COVID-19 safety precautions, debuts Apple’s upcoming products and projects, as well as critical updates, all driving the tech giants’ mission and vision for the mobile technology industry. When it comes to mobile marketing, these updates showcase where consumer behavior is shifting and exactly where brands should be.  


You can watch our fireside chat with Co-Founder and CIO Alex Cambell and CTO Brian Garofola diving into these updates here or keep reading for the highlights and strategy recommendations marketers should take away from the WWDC.  



Mobile Wallet  

Apple unveiled several updates to Mobile Wallet including Identification storage within Mobile Wallet, multi-pass downloads, and expired pass sorting. Here’s what you need to know:  


Identification Saved to Mobile Wallet 

Coming soon, people can add their IDs to Mobile Wallet and be able to use them at TSA in the airport. What this really means is more people will be using Mobile Wallet and it will become the mainstream transactional channel, more so than it already is. For brands, the time is now to leverage Mobile Wallet for coupons, offers, and loyalty passes, as well as order pick up confirmations. Securing early real estate within Wallet on consumers’ phones is going to be mission critical to brand affinity and loyalty. Mobile Wallet is continuing to grow in popularity; don’t be behind on this consumer shift 


Multi-Pass Download  

Possibly one of the most impactful updates for mobile programs today, Apple now allows consumers to download many passes at once. Previously, consumers would need to install a pass one-at-a-time. For example, if a consumer purchases four movie theater tickets, they would need to install each ticket on its own. Now, consumers can install all four movie tickets at once. What this means for retailers and restaurant brands is marketers can easily deliver multiple experiences seamlessly at once. Brands exploring Mobile Wallet for loyalty can now send a loyalty pass and welcome coupon offer together, increasing usage and affinity with consumers.  


Expired Pass Categorization  

Some consumers forget to remove or do not wish to delete expired passes. To reduce clutter, Apple will now move expired passes into a separate folder. For brands, this provides an opportunity to leverage Wallet as a communication channel. More than one-time couponsthere is a new emphasis on longevity for Mobile Wallet. Loyalty passes will remain at the top and within the primary Wallet interface for consumers. For coupons, brands can send updated offers or information to keep the pass current and remain top-of-mind for consumers. Categorization allows brands the opportunity to strategically stay relevant for consumer interaction.  


Vibes experts recommendBrands need to be operating within the Mobile Wallet space as soon as possible. Mobile Wallet can easily integrate with virtually all marketing channels including, Mobile App, SMS programs, email, social media, and web. Secure links prevent fraud and can be placed anywhere a link can be. Learn more on Mobile Wallet or start leveraging it today by booking a demo 





Apple Pa 

Overall, Apple Pay updates show the shift towards an increase in mobile commerce and continues to show the shift towards Mobile Wallet mainstream adoption. The lines between physical and digital worlds are blurred and Apple is making it easier for consumers to traverse between the two. Now it’s up to brands to meet consumers where they are and follow the shifting consumer behavior.  


Apple Pay API updates highlight the continued growth of mobile commerce, delivery, and Buy Online Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) and Buy Online Pick Up At Curbside (BOPAC). Updates include adding date and time, shipping address or pick up address to Apple Pay to improve consumer experience and communication. As Vibes predicted, BOPIS and BOPAC is expected to continue to climb, especially with Apple’s new updates.  


Vibes experts recommend: Consumers are shifting to an omnichannel shopping model and winning brands invest in mobile commerce and BOPIS/BOPAC services. To learn more about how mobile can transform your ecommerce program, download our guide here 




Focus Mode 

Regarding mobile messaging, Apple unveiled Focus Mode, which prioritizes notifications and messages consumers receive. This creates an opportunity for brands to deepen consumer loyalty with quality messaging. The days of mass messaging is over. Consumers demand personalization and Apple is enabling consumers with more control with personalization. Brands need to question why and when to send a message as relevancy is key to personalization for the consumer.  


Vibes experts recommend: Rethink mobile messaging strategies to emphasize segmentation and personalization for the consumer. Constantly ask why when sending a message and find ways to create relevant and engaging content for the consumer.  



The WWDC showcased several important updates for mobile marketing and most notably signaled the evolution of Mobile Wallet and Apple Pay as major players for commerce and servicing in the months to come. Mobile Wallet will continue to gain traction in the market and is set to become the mainstream method of interacting with brands. The key takeaway is the time is now to invest in Mobile Wallet.  


To learn more about how Mobile Wallet can complement your current marketing program, schedule a demo with our team.