What PetSmart Used to Grow Its Mobile Database: It’s Not What You Think

August 15, 2017 Vibes

Just like you want an ever-expanding email database so you can reach more potential customers with your email marketing, so too should you work on building your mobile database. Not everyone you reach with your mobile message will necessarily take advantage of your promotion or save the offer to their mobile wallets, so the more people you have in your database, the more opportunity you have to engage with them.

Channels For Building a Mobile Database

We’ve seen some tried-and-true channels for getting consumers to sign up to get mobile offers. Remember: you don’t have to pick just one, and these aren’t, by any means, your only options.

Social Media: By leveraging the sizeable audience that many brands have on social media, they have encouraged followers to subscribe to mobile offers.

Mobile Web Pages: When a mobile user visits a brand’s mobile website, they are invited to subscribe for promotions with just the tap of their finger.

SMS/MMS: Another popular strategy for building a mobile database is to encourage shoppers to, as an example, “text SAVE to 34522 to get a $10 coupon.” Signage for text signup is usually placed throughout the store.

Email: For brands that have email databases, these are great for converting email subscribers to text or wallet subscribers. A simple email with link to opt into either text or mobile wallet offers can have a high conversion rate.

PetSmart’s Unusual Mobile Database Strategy

While all of the above are valid strategies for growing your mobile database, don’t be shy about thinking outside the box. Look at PetSmart. The pet store wanted to increase the number of customers it reached via mobile, so it created in-store calls to action on its chalkboards near the checkout. Shoppers were encouraged to sign up for offers through their phones by texting a code to a designated number.

This example goes to show that you don’t need to invest a lot of money into advertising your mobile promotions channel. In-store signage doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Using chalkboards allowed PetSmart to change the promotions as needed, and they were inexpensive marketing tools.

This simple strategy, combined with the rest of PetSmart’s mobile marketing campaign, netted the brand a 7x subscriber growth rate.

Tips for Building Your Mobile Database

Consumers interact with brands through their phones in different ways. Some will prefer to get text offers, while others will be mobile wallet users. Still others will want to use an app or open offers via mobile email. Offering a few options for how they can connect with you, you’ll see a better conversion rate. If you see one method working better than another, you can put more energy into that channel.

You’ll entice more signups if you offer something irresistible to shoppers. A $10 coupon, for example, is well worth giving you their email address. Don’t expect them to give it to you for free.

Don’t wait until you have a certain sized database before you start sending offers. You’ll get best results if you consistently connect with your audience through valuable content and promotions.

Just as important as building your database is maintaining it and avoiding unsubscribes. Did you know: 56% of consumers allow push notifications? They’re such a great way to stay in contact with your mobile subscribers. Just pay attention to the frequency of the offers and alerts you send because going overboard may make many of your subscribers opt out.

Growing your mobile database will take time, but as you deliver value, your subscribers will tell their friends to join, which will help you reach mass numbers even faster.


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