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What’s Trending in Vibes 2019 Mobile Consumer Report

What’s Trending in Vibes 2019 Mobile Consumer Report

Each year, we put together a Mobile Consumer Report that consists of insights from people about what they want from their mobile experience. It’s interesting to see how things change from one year to the next, as well as what stays the same. 

This year’s report provided a few surprises for us. We found that consumers are becoming more selective about the kinds of deals and offers they want from brands. And, the era of the app may be coming to an end: consumers download and delete apps at such a dizzying pace, brands may not want to rely on that mode of engagement on mobile shopping deals much longer. 

What’s Trending in Vibes 2019 Mobile Consumer Report

This year’s report provided insight on these topics and so much more. Here are a few of the highlights from this year’s report that you need to know. 

Consumers WANT to Be Loyal 

You may be struggling to find ways to bring customers back for repeat business, but here’s heartening news: consumers are 85% more likely to choose a store with a reward program over a store without one. That is to say: they want to buy from you again and again...and to be rewarded for it. 

While mobile coupons are popular with shoppers, saving loyalty cards to their phones also has great appeal: 63% of consumers would save their loyalty card to their smartphones (through mobile wallet). 

So in what types of industries are consumers participating in loyalty programs? 

  • Grocery 

  • Airline 

  • Hotel 

  • Coffee shop/restaurant 

  • Department store/retail 

  • Food delivery 

  • Uber/Lyft 

The Takeaway: The easiest way to drive repeat sales is through a loyalty program. You can do more with a program that is mobile-based because it not only is easy for your shoppers to use, but it also provides you great analytics on shopper behavior you can use to customize offers. 

Consumers Need a Good Reason to Subscribe to Mobile Messages 

Understandably, today’s mobile user has gotten a bit picky about what she subscribes to. Just like email, her text message inbox is starting to get flooded with unwanted messages. Once a brand’s messages stop delivering value to her, she’ll unsubscribe. 

So what makes her unsubscribe? 

  • Getting too many messages 

  • Information isn’t relevant 

  • She no longer cares about the brand 

  • The incentives aren’t good enough 

  • The messages are untimely 

  • She can’t personalize the information she receives 

  • She gets too few messages 

Now that you know what turns your consumer off, let’s understand what entices her to subscribe to your mobile messages. First and foremost is loyalty benefits: 32% of our respondents said that getting access to information about their loyalty membership would compel them to sign up for texts. Just behind that comes incentives or coupons (25%), and then informational or product updates (10%), exclusive content (6%), and store news and events (6%). 

The TakeawayIt’s not just a matter of throwing out these different types of mobile messages and expecting positive results. Pay attention to results for each and every mobile marketing campaign to ensure that the offer was compelling enough to not only be opened but also redeemed. Watch those unsubscribe rates to make sure you’re not bombarding subscribers with too many or irrelevant messages. 

Mobile Wallet Adoption is Slowly and Steadily on the Rise 

Last year, 22% of our respondents said they use mobile wallets. This year, that number is 28%, showing slow but steady growth. Those who are interested in using mobile wallet would do so if: 

  • It would make their lives easier (organizing offers/coupons, loyalty cards, airline tickets) 

  • It would get them access to better offers 

  • It would provide them informational updates 

  • They were given a tutorial to use it  

  • It would enhance their experience with brands 

  • It would give them targeted and relevant offers based on purchase history and location 

As for those who aren’t using mobile wallet, it’s often lack of education that’s keeping them from doing so. They may not know what it is, how to access it, or where it’s accepted at stores. Other reasons include the stores they frequent don’t accept mobile wallet payments or they have concerns about security. 

The Takeaway: If you use mobile wallet to connect with your customers, make sure education is a part of the process. Send an email explaining how subscribers can join your loyalty program through wallet in simple steps to up adoption. 

The 2019 Mobile Consumer Report has a lot more great information that can help you understand how best to reach consumers through mobile marketing. Download the report here. 

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Maria Gianotti is the Director of Demand Generation at Vibes. She's passionate about growth marketing and educating other marketers on the tremendous potential of mobile. Currently, Maria serves on the Board of Directors of the American Marketing Association's San Francisco Chapter as 2019 President-Elect.

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