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Marketers Should Work Directly with a Tier 1 SMS Aggregator

Why Marketers Should Work Directly with a Tier 1 SMS Aggregator

When you start your mobile marketing campaign, you may hear some terms you’re unfamiliar with, like “Tier 1 or Tier 2 SMS Aggregator.” Not to worry. It’s not that complicated a subject to understand.

Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 SMS Aggregators

An SMS aggregator is simply the bridge between a mobile marketing software platform and wireless carriers like Verizon, AT&T, etc. Rather than these mobile carriers having to deal with text message marketing themselves, where hundreds or thousands of texts are sent at a time, they hand the responsibility over to a few companies designated as SMS aggregators.

There are two types — or tiers — of aggregators. At the Tier 1 level, there are only four (Vibes is one). Tier 1 SMS aggregators have direct connection to the mobile carriers, as well as can offer their clients the ability to send both SMS and MMS marketing messages. Tier 2 only can access SMS, and doesn’t have direct connection with the carriers. Because they lack that direct connection, they use third parties (not always reliable) to send the text messages on their behalf.

Why the Tier Matters for Your Business

It all comes down to reliability. Because there is essentially an added layer between Tier 2 and the mobile carrier, there is often less reliability in ensuring that all text messages are sent and received.

With Tier 1, that direct carrier connection is hugely important. Not only is there a higher level of successful messages sent, but with only one support team (not one with both the software company and the third party), you have less hassle when troubleshooting.

Additionally, if you send text messages internationally, Tier 1 will ensure they are received, even at large scale.

While Tier 2 may be appealing price-wise (Tier 2 providers are nearly always more affordable), realize that drop in price comes with a drop in route quality. Not being assured that your text messages reach the recipients in a timely manner, and without being damaged in the process, shouldn’t be a risk you are willing to take.

Vibes Connect: The Right Tier 1 Partner

Being one of only four Tier 1 aggregators in the US is an honor we live to uphold. It means that mobile carriers know they can rely on us as the conduit between mobile marketing messaging software and the carriers themselves. They know that we only support quality mobile marketing, never spam, and that we work with our clients to ensure appropriate use of mobile marketing strategy.

As a Tier 1 provider, we strive to offer unrivaled throughput and uptime. Our system processes 8,000 messages per second to ensure successful message delivery at scale 100% of the time. What that means for you is reliable marketing, reaching your audience when you need to reach them, and at a pleasing price point.

Mobile marketing isn’t complicated. It doesn’t require a degree in rocket science. But it is a good idea to be well-informed on topics that matter to help you make the right decision about which mobile marketing partner can best help you for your business needs.

Tier 1. Tier 2. It may seem like a small decision, but it isn’t. The tier SMS aggregator you choose to work with will have a direct impact on the success (or failure) of your mobile marketing campaign. Consider this: if only 80% of your mobile subscriber base receives your text promotion, you’re leaving money on the table with those contacts who never received your offer, due to spotty delivery. You’re paying to reach 100% of your customer base. Make sure you’re actually connecting to them.