Why SMS Should Be Your First Step on Your Mobile Engagement Journey

October 25, 2018 Vibes Marketing

Why SMS Should Be Your First Step on Your Mobile Engagement Journey

If you’re new to mobile marketing, you may be wondering where to begin. One simple and fruitful mobile engagement tool is SMS or text message marketing. It’s low-cost and easy to set up. And the fact that 98% of all text messages are opened tells you that this mobile marketing channel gets results! 

Why SMS Should Be Your First Step on Your Mobile Engagement Journey

Why SMS? 

You might wonder why you shouldn’t start with MMS (multimedia messaging service). While certainly, MMS provides an even richer experience for subscribers, there are a few reasons where SMS (short message service) wins out. 

First of all, if a sizeable portion of your audience doesn’t use a data plan on their smartphones (or even doesn’t have a smartphone), MMS will be a waste because it requires data to download images and videos. SMS, on the other hand, is available to anyone who has a cell phone plan, so you’re guaranteed to reach everyone in your subscriber list, and no one ends up getting garbled messages or blank spots where images should be. 

SMS is also more affordable than MMS, so if you’re just starting out and your mobile marketing budget is small, it’s the perfect fit. 

Opening the Doors to Future Mobile Engagement 

But beyond being affordable and simple, SMS is really your secret weapon for getting your audience to further engage with you through mobile. 

Let’s say you have a mobile wallet channel and are finding it challenging to get people to adopt it in-store. You could send an SMS to all mobile subscribers with short instructions on how to use it, and a link to get mobile wallet set up. Because subscribers are already on their mobile phones, it’s a simple click to add mobile wallet. What have they got to lose? 

You could also instruct subscribers via text message on how to opt in to push notifications so they don’t miss anything your brand sends out. 

Marketing is a 2-Way Conversation 

For decades, marketers made the mistake of talking at consumers rather than to them. Now tastes have changed, and consumers want to interact back and forth with brands. SMS plays perfectly into this. 

Chatbots are a fantastic way to foster that two-way communication. Leveraging artificial intelligence, you can answer common customer questions via text, as well as offer customized coupons and point them to products they might like, based on past purchases. 

SMS is Just One Stop on the Mobile Marketing Journey 

While certainly, starting with SMS is a wonderful way to dip your toes into the world of mobile marketing, it certainly shouldn’t be your only tool. Realize that consumers need multiple touchpoints with a brand before they are compelled to buy from it. 

Let’s say a shopper is in your store and sees a sign: Save 20% today when you sign up for text messages from us! She texts a shortcode to the number on the sign and instantly gets that 20% off coupon. 

What comes next? 

She should be added to your contact list and start receiving regular promotions and announcements from you via SMS. But let’s rope her in even further. You send her a text telling her about your digital loyalty program and give her three easy steps to sign up through your mobile wallet. She clicks a link, and she’s in. 

Now you’ve got two channels to reach her, and that’s just on her phone. She might also decide to sign up for your emails since you offer different deals there. And she’s following you on social media so that she knows when you release new products. You have effectively connected with this customer on multiple platforms, and it all began with the mobile engagement you got with your SMS marketing campaign! 

Consumers have their phones with them nearly all of the time. Why not connect with them on the tool that they rely on day in and day out?

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