Why You Need to Make Mobile Engagement a Top Priority in 2018

January 23, 2018 Vibes Marketing

Why You Need to Make Mobile Engagement a Top Priority in 2018

Every January, you rack your brain for new mobile engagement strategies to deliver value to customers. Certainly, you’ll continue some of the approaches you used in the past, but this year, you want to really zero in on what consumers want.

If you haven’t already added mobile marketing to your mix, here are a few reasons to consider doing so in 2018 and beyond.

  1. Google Wants Your Site to Be Mobile-First

As soon as mobile internet searches surpassed desktop searches, Google began placing more stress on businesses needing to have responsive, mobile-friendly websites. Now how mobile-centric your website is may affect where you fall in mobile search results.

Given the number of people who are searching for businesses in your community, it’s in your best interest to ensure that your site is targeting your geographic area, uses mobile SEO strategies, and is easy for people to navigate on smaller mobile screens.

  1. People Desperately Want Personalized Offers

The thing about mobile strategy is that as soon as a handful of retailers start using it effectively, customers begin to vote with their (digital) wallets, spending money with brands who understand how to connect with them in a meaningful way. If you’re not one of these innovators, you risk losing business to those who are.

Because marketers can now deliver true 1-to-1 personalization experiences to consumers, that’s setting the bar pretty high for those who aren’t yet mobile-ready. Creating tailored offers to reach the largest number of people effectively is a fantastic way to drive engagement and loyalty program activity.

  1. Your Loyal Customers Need a Better Way to Interact

Speaking of loyalty programs: have you blown the dust off of yours? Plastic card-based programs are on the way out (which is why we’re encouraging retailers to begin to #DropYourWallet), and are being replaced by mobile-based platforms that provide better data on members, allow for personalized offers, and facilitate easy enrollment at the point of sale.

Simply breathing new life into your loyalty program by converting it to digital can help you see serious lift in enrollment numbers.

  1. One Marketing Platform is No Longer Enough

If you’ve been relying on content marketing and social media, those are valuable marketing tools, but they no longer encompass everywhere your audience spends time. People now flit from reading a blog on their tablets to shopping on their desktops to checking push notifications on their phones. These micro-moments provide multiple opportunities for retailers to connect with customers, but you need a comprehensive cross-channel marketing strategy to do so.

Yes, adding more marketing channels to your lineup takes resources, but in the long run, your efforts will pay off quickly. Consumers want to connect with your brand across multiple platforms, so give them the opportunity to do so.

  1. We’ve Only Seen the Tip of the Mobile Wallet Iceberg

One aspect to watch with mobile marketing this year is the mobile wallet. The fact that shoppers can pay for transactions with their devices is just one way they’re benefiting from it. They can also tap into offers from retailers and check their loyalty program status.

For retailers, the big appeal is how customers can sign up for loyalty programs in seconds, when the shopper’s wallet pre-populates the signup form.  But look for additional ways that brands leverage mobile wallets, like to manage events, and take notes, because you’re going to find exciting ways to offer value that you never dreamed of.

This is the year for mobile engagement. With so many different ways to be relevant to your audience, you’ll be able to realize solid ROI and boost revenues when you add mobile marketing to your mix!


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