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11 Metrics to Track for Mobile Program Success

Just like your car needs consistent oil changes, mobile programs require regular maintenance and upkeep. It’s easy to launch a program and fall into the cruise control trap, but don’t let your engine run out of fuel. Regular checkups are important to keep your program speeding down the highway – in the right direction.


Vibes’ Mid-Year Mobile Checkup only takes a few minutes but will give you the insight and recommendations to impact your mobile program in the second half of the year.


Vibes’ Mid-Year Mobile Checkup

Review the 11 items for a healthy and fuel-efficient mobile program. If you have 7 or less, see our recommendations below.

How to Complete Your Checkup

Not sure where you stand with the points above? No worries. Most of this information should be available within your platform’s native analytics. Vibes hosts these insights within the Analytics module and includes monthly benchmarks for regular check-ins.

When using Vibes platform, you can view the following reports to analyze your performance against these check-up points:

  • Subscriber growth and churn rate can be found in Subscriber Trend Report
  • Broadcast opt-out rate and CTR can be found in Broadcast Stats Report
  • Wallet Install Rate for Apple and Google can be found in Mobile Wallet Stats Report
  • Revenue growth can be found in Revenue Dashboard Report

Additional information for Vibes customers can be found in your exclusive customer-only resource center, located in the top right corner of the platform home page.


We advise working with your Customer Strategy Manager to assess consistent meetings, omnichannel approaches to mobile, data syncing and usage, and program goal setting and tracking.


How to Improve Your Program

Now that we’ve gone through the checklist, you may have noticed a few points with room for improvement. Below are specific recommendations you can act upon today to drive results by the end of the year.



Are you noticing your subscriber growth is slowing, or your churn rate is higher than your growth rate? It may be time to boost acquisition efforts. If you have paused acquisition channels, we recommend restarting acquisition campaigns, especially leveraging the holiday shopping season. If your current acquisition campaigns are turned on, we recommend looking to increase acquisition channels. For example, including both in-store and online methods for joining a database. Explore 7 channels and methods for acquisition here.


Is your database losing more subscribers than you’re gaining? Are you having trouble retaining your mobile consumers? The first step is often overlooked – ensure you have a healthy mobile database to start with. There are often subscribers who switch numbers, cancel their phone numbers, or unsubscribe from your campaign. This is done automatically within Vibes platform, but if you’re not with Vibes, we highly recommend you take time to scrub incorrect numbers and ensure your database is up-to-date and compliant.


A leading indicator for retention is broadcast opt out rate. If your rate is above 0.2% this is a sign that your mobile messaging is not connecting with your consumers. If you consistently see a high opt out rate, review your message content. Content should always:

  • Educate
  • Inspire
  • Entertain


If a consumer subscribes to your mobile program they are looking to connect with your brand beyond promotions and discounts. Mix your content to include sales, exclusive events, trivia, polls, surveys, and other engaging content.


In addition to content shifts, you may consider adjusting the frequency of messages. Consumers want to hear from your brand frequently. I don’t know about you but if I join a program and they message me once every six weeks, I’m less likely to recognize the number and more likely to unsubscribe. In the same vein, I don’t want to hear from my favorite brand more than my own family, especially on an intimate device like text messaging. Through our 20 years of experience, we’ve seen a sweet spot of about once a week for optimal frequency. This does change slightly around the holidays, with brands opting to message twice a week.


Lastly, when it comes to lowering broadcast opt-out rate, you may consider changing the time of your message send. If you always send in the morning, your consumer base may be away from their phone consistently. Try an after-work hour send around 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. – and make sure you use time zone sends to ensure you remain compliant and kind to all your audience members.


Churn rates and broadcast opt-out rates signal a disconnect between what your consumers want and what you’re providing. Luckily with a few shifts you can get right back in your lane and on to build lasting loyalty with your subscribers. The average subscriber tenure at Vibes is 3+ years because customers regularly assess consumer engagement and adjust accordingly. 

Mobile Wallet

First things first, if you’re not leverage mobile wallet, you need to start now. Learn why brands need to be on mobile wallet now here. With Apple and Google’s push towards mainstream Wallet use, brands who leverage this channel today will increase visibility and engagement for consumers tomorrow.


If you are leveraging wallet, but are seeing dwindling installs, evaluate where the wallet links are being sent. Are you utilizing mobile to send Wallet links through SMS or MMS? Are you connecting wallet to apps to increase reach across the channels? Are you leveraging your email database and connecting them to mobile programing by sending wallet links through email sends? Are you using social media and website visibility? Often, Wallet links are hidden from consumers or not distributed widely enough. The other aspect to evaluate is again content quality. We recommend testing offer sizes, frequency, and redemption time frames. You can easily set up these tests within Vibes platform through the Test Groups feature.



Is your mobile program generating incremental revenue on a consistent basis? Are you unsure of the true ROI of mobile? You’re not alone. Tracking revenue is critical to accurately track mobile’s ROI, and to validate your efforts against other marketing channels.


If you’re tracking internally, share revenue data with your platform, like Vibes, who can analyze it against mobile’s native data to derive insights and recommendations. To automate this process or if you are not tracking internally, set up ecommerce tagging within the Vibes platform to automatically track incremental revenue per message send. Vibes can assist with setting up a Revenue Dashboard to easily populate results on an on-going basis.


Data Syncing

Are you collecting data with mobile but unsure what to do with it? As a prominent marketing channel, mobile provides extensive and informative data. Through partnerships with Snowflake and additional data sharing warehouses, you can pull data insights from your mobile program and combine with your other marketing channels or compare against for performance measurements. It’s important to regularly analyze your data and import data within your mobile platform for accuracy. Make your data work just as hard as you and leverage integrations to provide easy-to-digest insights to inform program improvements.


Customer Strategy Manage & Defined Goals

Is your relationship with your Customer Strategy Manager not one of the top five most important in your professional life? Let’s fix that. Your Customer Strategy Manager is here to guide you on your mobile journey and give directions to right course. The best way to accomplish this is through consistent strategy and technical meetings. Your Customer Strategy Manager should provide Quarterly Business Reviews, which is like Waze for your mobile program, outlining where to best approach your destination and pointing out where there are detours or red-light cameras. Reach out today if you’ve missed your last few pit stops.


Along with your Customer Strategy Manager, you should have defined mobile goals. Like a road trip, if you do not have a defined destination, you’ll end up lost and confused when it comes to mobile. CSMs can give great directions when they know where you’re going. Work together to identify five goals you want to work towards (P.S. this mid-year check-up is a great place to start building goals!). You’ll also want to work on creating a process for tracking your mobile goal progress to make sure you have enough gas, snacks, and time to make your next stop.


Are you only leveraging one mobile channel? Today’s consumers are surfers – meaning they seamlessly engage, shop, and communicate across multiple channels at one time. For example, I follow my favorite brand on Instagram, have a loyalty card on their app, and receive emails. It normally takes all three channels, and maybe an SMS reminder, before I make a purchase. Don’t lose your customers in the surf. Vibes all-in-one platform houses native SMS, MMS, Mobile Wallet, Push Notifications, and App Inbox channels to give you a robust mobile program from one platform. Begin leveraging all your mobile channels today.



Thanks for completing your mobile program checkup. We encourage you to keep your mobile program running smoothly throughout the year. Feel free to use this checklist monthly or quarterly to ensure your program is heading in the right direction. If you need a mobile mechanic or deeper checkup, reach out to our team.


Checked off all 11 points? Congratulations mobile expert! Here’s a badge for you to celebrate: