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Mobile Location & Loyalty: Boost Conversions and Revenue with Your Best Customers

March 5, 2018

Drive Traffic to Your Brand with Mobile Marketing

Your target audiences have access to more computing power than what the astronauts had when they went to the moon — in their pocket. SMS and MMS are more than just communication channels: they have the potential to drive real conversions and revenue.

Taking it one step further, adding location-based marketing, geo-fencing, and digital loyalty programs to the mix can add significant value to how brands effectively engage with their consumers. This webinar explains why these technologies — and newer ones like digital wallets and in-app push notifications — have only increased in importance to monetize the opportunities that mobile present to brand marketers.

Watch now to learn:

  • How investing in a 3-Layer Location Cake strategy that leverages push, geo-fencing, and location-based marketing can significantly increase basket size and customer engagement
  • Innovations in digital loyalty marketing to drive more traffic to your brand, including Automatic Loyalty Enrollment
  • The various mobile engagement strategies that have led to impressive mobile subscriber growth and increased redemptions rates for leading brands
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