6 Steps to Becoming a Mobile Marketing Rockstar

December 4, 2018

Mobile marketing can be intimidating without a skilled team on your side. That is why we have put together an easy 6-step plan to help you build a rocking mobile strategy. The plan walks you through how to get buy-in from executives, which mobile channels best fit your needs, and how to execute campaigns that prove real ROI.
Bonus Material: Sign up for the plan and get a downloadable worksheet that will help you create your own mobile strategy!
Create a Rockstar Mobile Marketing Plan
Exploring the exciting world of mobile marketing is better with a plan, and we’re honored to be along for the adventure. You’re taking the first important step on this journey by educating yourself on all the benefits of mobile marketing, and learning how to apply it to your brand.
What you will learn:
  1. Put together a band​
    Get buy-in from key stakeholders
  2. Learn how to play with channels
    Identify which mobile channels best fit your brand’s needs
  3. Practice
    Leverage SMS + MMS to take it to base level!
  4. Practice, and more practice!
    Step up your music score with Push Notifications & Mobile Wallet
  5. Write your [music] campaign & share
    Connect at the right time, right place with the right message
  6. Listen to your data
    Gain actionable insights and deliver real-time updates to customers

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